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Yijie Sweeper Wireless Handheld is available at $40.16

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Xiaomi is a big name in the electronics market. Now this time Xiaomi has launce its new product Yijie Wireless handheld Sweeper-YE-01.

 Yijie Wireless Vacuum Cleaner:

Wireless Cleaner is designed with advanced technologies IoT and AI. It has robust performance processor which increase efficiency. It has two roller brushes. Due to this, it reduces the effort while cleaning the floor and also protect the furniture. Cordless handheld weeper gives cleanness of extreme level.It has a powerful Turbo Brush. Dust box has .05 L capacity.

It can be easily installed at home. Yijie Sweeper has a fully sealed dust box, instead of a bag which makes it more efficient. Moreover, it can be used anywhere as it is cordless. Special suction nozzle filter dust and gives high cleaning.

Yijie Sweeper deal

V-shaped Brushes of Yijie Sweeper:

Xiaomi Yijie wireless vacuum cleaner has intensive brush short in length for environmental cleaning. It has v-shaped brushes which give a high frequency of 1300 r/min. The extended structure of the side brush can clean any area. It has an electrostatic mop. It also has a foot pedal switch. To control the power separate button is present in machine.


2000 mAh Battery of Yijie Sweeper :

Xiaomi Yijie vacuum cleaner has a powerful battery of 2000 mAh. Its battery gives extended standby usage. Moreover,  Xiaomi Yijie wireless vacuum cleaner has a battery which can work for 2 hours. It require 12 V voltage for charging and proper working.

yjjj batteru

Multiple features:

The coordinating thick natural security non-woven texture accompanies electrostatic powder, which is impervious to rubbing and doesn’t convey flotsam and jetsam. Yijie Sweeper adequately ingests fine residue and trash and jetsam from the fibres.

350ml huge limit dust box, completely fixed plan, when you have to clear the trash, you can open the spread with one catch. The first board has a primary key that can be turned on with a light tap.