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XYRC mini drone camera

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Mini drone camera

This XYRC Mini drone is a new mini drone with HD 1080 pixel camera. For clicking amazing pictures and recording videos, XYRC produced this amazing mini drone.

Let’s look what features this mini drone has.

4k HD camera pixels

Drones with 4k HD pixels produce up to 3840×2160 pixels in wide video resolution which gives cinema-quality. One can easily shoot professional level pictures and film.


One can take photos by gestures. There is a gesture mode in the mini-drone camera enabling one to take photos via uncomplicated hand and arm movement.

Headlessness mode

There is also a headlessness mode in this mini drone. It makes flying drones more frankly. With this mode, wherever you stand on the ground doesn’t matter for a drone, as you turn the remote control to left it will turn to the left and vis-a-vis.

One key return option

There is one key auto-return function in the drone which is also known as the return home feature via that the drone returns to the place where its GPS location is set to take off.

Orbital flight

Orbit is a simple shot moving around you or anything.

APP control and beauty Filters 

There is an amazing function in the drone-camera of the app control which provides you live video transmission from your drone to your Android phone and there are also amazing filters in this mini drone camera providing you a better photography experience.

Air pressure set up the altitude

A barometer in drones makes It very easy to control air pressure to make the drone hover to shoot a clear photo.

Easy to carry

Mini drone camera

It seems like a toy but actually, it is not a toy but a real amazing mini drone camera. Its body is only 8 cm and can be carried anywhere in one hand only or in pocket, bag etc. 

360 Degree rolling

When you are on the stunt roll program, your drone will achieve the air 360-degree rolling.

Battery bag

There is a light and small body battery that comes along with this drone. Having 13 minutes of playing time which is greater than of other same products.

List of accessories that come along with this amazing mini drone camera:

  1. Drone.                       
  2. Controller( remote). 
  3. Mobile phone holder(with camera vision).  
  4. 4 Back-up blade.
  5. 4 Protection frame
  6. Screw.
  7.  Manual.
  8. App manual(with camera vision)