Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Projector at $2619.99

Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Projector physical

Xiaomi is one of the best producers of laser projectors, and it brings the new WEMAX A300. This piece of technology offers a bright display in the dark corners of the picture playing.It has brought the new  Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Projector.

Design of Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Projector:

Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Projector main

The A300 has a sharp and subtle glossy black finish. It is made up of ABS material that ensures a long-lasting life. The A300 feels smooth on touch. It is compact and can be easily carried around. As it is so small, it does not acquire much space in the house.

 Internal specifications of Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Projector:

The latest Bluetooth and wifi technologies enable A300 projector to have excellent wireless connectivity. Moreover, You have the privilege of connecting your mobile, Computer by Wired connections using USB. Unlike conventional projectors, the A300 has robust configurations that help you install apps like Netflix, Youtube, Prime, etc. The A-53 cortex processor and 2GB RAM guarantees uninterrupted and fast performance. The in-built 16GB of space, which is expandable up to 64 GB, allows the user to save their favorite series/shows for watching them later or while traveling.


Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Projector sea

The primary feature of any projector is to cast a much bigger picture while maintaining(or enhancing) the picture quality. The 4K resolution powers the A300 which helps enhance the picture quality by improving the picture resolution. Moreover, 100% color brightness and 18% red light ratio assist in maintaining the vivid picture quality. The Anti-direct looking sensor and the harmless infrared ray technology help keep the eyes of you and your family safe.

Sound quality:

The built-in stereo ensures that the sound quality brings the real feels of a theatre in your living room. The DTS provides 3D surrounding sound quality, which makes the watching experience real bliss. The WEMAX A300 Projector comes with Dolby sound atoms, which is reputed for offering the best digital sound quality in the market. The dual high-frequency technology powers extraordinary sound quality. Overall the sound quality is fantastic and keeps the viewer completely betrothed.

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