Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro now available for $659 only

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Xiaomi always surprised the world with its innovative products. This time Xiaomi has come up with a new and advanced form of a walking pad. Nowadays, Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro has become necessary as well as the binding machine to keep our body fit.

Xiaomi Walking Pad R1 Pro deals

Foldable concept of Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro:

Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro is a lightweight, portable machine that can be used in the home office or any other space and foldable concept which provides 180-degree folding. Its storage is effortless and saves space. It comes with the 2-in-1 approach to meet our exercise requirements. Armrest provides support while running, and when we put down armrest, it gives space and makes more space for walking.

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Wear Resistant of Xiaomi Walking Pad R1:

It has a multi-layer Running belt that comes with a wear-resistant and non-slip surface for users and decreases the chances of accidents. Footboard Belt has an EVA soft layer, which gives cushion and has a low coefficient of friction. Belt fiber is very durable and robust. It has an LED screen that is easy to operate, and scroll wheels are given at the bottom of the machine, which helps the user to move indoor quickly. 

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Application support:

 Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro has come up with three ways to control it. The remote controller allows the user to control the machine with remote and works very gently. KS Fit App in manual mode works manually through the app, and Feet Speed Controller is an automatic mode that is controlled by the user’s feet speed and reduces the probability of slip very less and makes Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 is a real smart machine. This has a powerful motor that is brushless and causes the lowest possible noise by integrating.


Child Lock function:

Xiaomi Walking Pad R1 also comes with safety features that keep users safe and secure. It has an emergency button and child lock function, which makes the machine usable for children and other family members.