Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad is now available at $319.99

Xiaomi has come up with word-class types of equipment for the fitness. The newly launched Xiaomi is Urevo U1. It is a fitness walking machine with 2 in 1 feature.

Light Weight Smart Treadmill:

Xiaomi Urevo U1 has a smart control system. It is a lightweight product and thin volume easy for daily storage .while staying indoors; you can use it to integrate sports in life. Fat Reduction now becomes easy and can be done inside the home. We can carry it anywhere. Due to the small size, it adjusts everywhere.

Xiaomi Urevo U1


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Specification of Ultrathin Walking machine:

Xiaomi Urevo U1 developed with a one-piece body frame. Easy to unpacking and plugging. The simple design helps in avoiding complexity in installation. The powerful motor is used to feel the gym experience at home.IT does not make a sound while running.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 Deal

Xiaomi Urevo U1 LED HD display:

Xiaomi Urevo U1 has an LED Hd display. When the treadmill starts, your motion can be seen on the screen in front. Speed is also displayed on display. Other features are calories, mileage, time, and other exercise data displayed on the screen. Screen, the Led HD display is integrated into the panel to give more simplicity to the design.


5-Layered Diamond Composite grain belt:

Xiaomi Urevo U1has a highly quality belt, which gives comfort. It has a smart control system. The machine can be used to run a maximum of 6 km/h speed, which is very high comparable, to another treadmill. We can feel the gym feeling at home. A reduction system for noise helps in maintaining peace while doing exercise.

This machine does not have to worry about affecting family neighbors during fast walking movement.

Urevo U1 Designed for more comfort:


It is designed for every age group person. The Walkingpad is quite ultra slim that only 6.5 cm at its lowest point can be easily put under a sofa, bed without taking more space.
It is especially for beginners. Its dimensions are 120 x 42 cm super large suitable for any body type person in any age group.
It’s a wonderful product at a reasonable price, which ensures safety in every detail.