Xiaomi Redmi Band Touch


Xiaomi is the leading brand in the field of electronic items. This is because its quality is excellent and provides the user a good quality material and reasonable price. Xiaomi Redmi Band Touch is the “value for money product.”

Xiaomi Redmi Band Touch

Display of Xiaomi Redmi Band Touch :


Redmi Smart band comes with a 1.08-inch display with high resolution and gives a touch screen, which makes the display content more enlarge and clear beautiful. Big size screen makes it more attractive and brings a pleasant feeling of wearing. Furthermore,  the color display keeps an eye on your change every day and helps detect the level of physical activity in your activity.

Comfortable Touch Screen of Xiaomi Redmi Band Touch :

Xiaomi Redmi Band

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band comes with 24-hour heart rate monitoring, which helps in maintaining the heartbeats and leads to living a healthy life. We can also use it for Alipay offline payment and a quick scan to pay(China Mainland only).

Battery Backup:


Redmi smart band has a powerful lithium polymer battery of 135mAh, which can give support up to 14 days and unibody USB fast-charge easy to charge while traveling through portable power bank. The battery has a standby time of about 20 days.


It has various features that make it more attractive and advanced. Sleep Monitor calculates sleep quality through the duration of a deep sleep, non –REM sleep, and waking condition.  Xiaomi Redmi Smart band has eight sports modes: Swimming, Running, Walking, Football etc. We can also use it to calculate the Calorie and also works as Stopwatch.  It has a 5ATM waterproof system with an IP68 technique that will help you to enhance the performance. You do not need to take down watch any matter you have a shower. Redmi Band has long Time Standby up to 14 days in the normal situation, saves time for the charging, and makes easy while traveling. Moreover,  Xiaomi Redmi Smart band has Bluetooth Push, incoming call messages, Wechat, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and also other online services that make life easy and comfortable.