Xiaomi Redmi 10: Leaks !

On March 4, Xiaomi will be announcing its Redmi 10 line-up, but the phone is still running around the pallet. We now learn about your phone itself, including screen, charging chipset, after seeing its box and back tablet.

A slightly upgraded SD675, built on the 11nm LLP process, is used to drive the Redmi Note 10. The central CPU double core cluster will be overclocked at 2.2 GHz, while a 5,000 mAh battery will keep the light on.

The battery is always slightly smaller than that of Redmi Note 9 (which has a power cell of 5.020 mAh), but 33W will be charged quickly, which is the first non-Pro Redmi Note that has such high rates.

The image also shows a Super AMOLED 6.43″ screen with the central selfie punch hole. This Redmi Note 10 also features dual speakers that are hardly surprising – one at the base, whereas the earpiece at the top acts as a second channel.

See you next time with more stuffs !!