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Xiaomi QCY T10

Xiaomi QCY T10

A brand new headset from China’s famous brand QCY has just made a debut in the market. None other than the Xiaomi QCY T10 superior HD Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. The QCY T10 is packed with all kinds of features like waterproof, noise cancellation, sweat and rain resistance, and comfort to wear.

TCY has always been committed to building products around the needs of its users, filled with creativity. Today it is one of the best brands to deliver and design Bluetooth products for users worldwide. It is determined to bring a good quality of music to the masses.

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Xiaomi QCY T10 Design

The QCY T10 has a sleek and classy design, which is comfortable and fashionable at the same time. It is super light in weight and easy to carry around with.

Xiaomi QCY T10

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Xiaomi QCY T10 supports Bluetooth connectivity, which is ideal for running and performing sports activities. It has Bluetooth 5.0, which provides two times faster transmission speed and a stable connectivity option.

Battery Backup for Xiaomi QCY T10

The headset offers an efficient battery life. On a single charge, it provides 50 hours of playtime. The user can listen to 315 songs combined with movies and answering calls along with the voice assistance feature.

Touch Control

You can answer the call, use voice assistance, and listen to music too with a fingertip touch. One of the most peculiar features is that QCY T10 is touch control compared to other button control headsets.

The user can perform the following tasks with just one touch:

  1. Switch On/Off
  2. Play/Pause
  3. Next/Last track
  4. Volume Control
  5. Hand on/up

Xiaomi QCY T10

Sound Quality

One of the primary deciding features of any headset is the sound quality they offer. The QCY T10 offers dual dynamic iron speakers, thus improving the middle and high-frequency sound quality of the QCY T10.

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