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Xiaomi QCY M10 headphones


Xiaomi  has announced the new and Xiaomi QCY M10 . The headphones are binaural. It has the technology that simulates the distance to sound. QCY M10 earbuds have promising features at a decent price.

Xiaomi QCY M10 review

Sophisticated Design of Xiaomi QCY M10 :

In terms of design, it is a premium and elegant headphones. The QCY M10 headphones come in a primary retail box with a charging case with a simple and sophisticated look. The earbuds are small and very easy to carry around. It has a physical control button as well as a QCY logo on the outside. The back of the charging box has a MicroUSB port for charging. This surprised a little, since the model is 2020 and it would be like forgetting about the existence of a Micro USB connection.


Dynamic driver of Xiaomi QCY M10 :

As for the performance, QCY M10 earbuds have a 6mm dynamic driver. They also support AAC audio codec. It can pair to other devices via Bluetooth 5.0. When you first connect the earbuds to your smartphone, a pop-up window appears at the bottom of the screen to connect the earbuds. It also uses a master-slave switch. This earbud is handy and allows you to significantly extend the battery life, while one earphone is charging, one can use the another and then vice versa. It can also connect to devices automatically.


380 mAh Battery Life:

The QCY M10 earbuds offer various control functions, such as play/pause music, switch tracks, answer or reject calls. Battery life It has an excellent battery capacity 380 mAh The company claims that one battery charge is enough for 4 hours of simultaneous use. The charging case is so convincing that it can charge the earbuds ×4 times which make it alive for at least 20 hours.

Xiaomi QCY M10 deal

 New Mobile Application:

Xiaomi QCY M10  has introduced a new mobile application by which you can adjust the sound in the equalizer. Moreover, find earbuds, reconfigure the control, delete the connected device, and even receive updates are some features.

Xiaomi QCY M10