Xiaomi Mijia S700 is now available

Xiaomi Mijia S700

Xiaomi, a Chinese company, is a diverse business that produces a wide range of goods. Mijia is one of the sub-brands of the organization, which mostly produces accessories and household goods. A new product from Mijia appeared on Xiaomi Youpin earlier this week and it is the electric shaver Xiaomi Mijia S700.

the Mijia Electric Shaver S700, as a signature shaver device branded as the Mijia Electric Shaver S700. It uses zirconia ceramic head and has been online Xiaomi Mall for a retail price of 499 yuan.

Xiaomi Mijia S700

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Availability of Xiaomi Mijia S700

Outside China, Xiaomi Youpin doesn’t really ship. For now, only those in China can buy this device. However, in the next few weeks, we anticipate this shaver to hit other online stores that deliver internationally, but the price will rise mildly.

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Structural Design of Xiaomi Mijia S700

Using a unique mold and structural design, the S700 ceramic head has much more than the general ceramic high toughness, high bending strength, high impact strength and high abrasion resistance, not easy to break.

Direct-drive brushless motor

The Mijia electric shaver S700 is Mijia’s first shaver built with the high-end brushless direct-drive motor, the installation of the low-noise brushless direct-drive motor significantly enhances the device’s life span. In conjunction with low-noise function advantage.

Xiaomi Mijia S700


Mijia electric shaver S700 ceramic head was mounted in powerful acid and alkali constant 360 minutes immersion, Also, the blade does not react with water, shaving foam, or detergent. This implies that it will still work well after washing with detergent, it will still function well and will not be easily corroded, thus the degree of skincare is significant. So, it will last at least 19 years if the person accesses it for 2 minutes per day.

Battery Life

A long-lasting battery and fast-charging feature are a part of this Xiaomi Mijia S700. It works for 60 minutes only by charging it for 2 hours. In addition, auto temperature control technology comes with the shaver.


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