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Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro is available for $43.99

Xiaomi is a world-leading electronics company and surprises the world always by its innovative and advanced products. This time, Xiaomi has come up with Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro, a more advanced form of Mi 4 router, which was launched in back 2018.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro


128 MB memory of Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro:

Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro has Qualcomm Processor with 128 MB memory, which can be used for integrates four Ethernet ports. It can supports up to 128 devices simultaneously. It has a high range frequency reach.

2.4 G Wifi system of Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro:


This has high-quality hardware configuration, which makes it more durable and portable. It has a processor of “QCA9563,” which provides high-speed connectivity within long-range distance.

Mi 4 Pro Router supports the 2.4 G Wifi system, which has an inbuilt natural cooling system. It comes with 4 PCS antennas, enabling it to spread signals up to significant distance and area. It supports the dual-frequency system at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Machine Interface

This supports IEEE 802.1 n protocols that theoretical maximum rate up to 450 Mbps and also supports IEEE 802.11 ac protocols that academic maximum standard up to 867 Mbps. It has a system interface with adaptive WAN ports and adaptive LAN ports.

Mi 4 Pro has a smart system reset button, which makes it available to long-range distance.It comes with a year warranty, which assures that product has good quality and sustainability. It has a smart routing technology operating system with a controlled data transfer rate automatically.


It has a reasonable price compared to other routers in the market as the Chinese giant launches it. This gives excellent performance at lousy weather because of its dual-band support (2.4 and 5 GHz). It gives a maximum download speed of 1317 Mbps and counts on a signal amplifier(PA+LNA).Control System of Mi 11 Pro managed by Qualcomm processor with 128 MB memory, which gives a high speed of data transformation like receiving and sending data.