Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter at $504.81


The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter has many exciting features to offer. The mind-blowing concept of technology which made this foldable electric scooter. This product is exquisite and reliable for you. This is a great product which loves you always. This electric scooter is different from the other traditional scooter. It has a classy look with an amazing concept. This scooter is also good for our environment. This is an aesthetically appealing product. You would love this.

Electric Scooter

Compact Design of Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter :

The Xiaomi launched a fantastic product for everyone. The Mi electric scooter has an aesthetic look with a slim body. It has only 12.5kg weight, which is easy for carrying. It looks like a traditional scooter, but it has different quality types, which is different from other scooters. This scooter has different qualities, such as, for instance, it does not take a large area to stand, and you can easily fold and fit somewhere. The matte black color of the scooter makes it more attractive. Moreover, this is the electric scooter which Contributes to decreasing pollution. And it is best for everyone. This little scooter is so delicate and beautiful. The looks and appearance are styles that are really good for everyone.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter design

Amazing Battery of Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter :

The Mi electric scooter has 42V of powerful battery. Due to which, it has an amazing battery backup and does not discharge easily.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter deal

500W high-performance motor:

It comes with 500W high-performance Hall brushless DC motor. This bike never leaves you. It has 18.6 miles maximum range. The maximum speed is 25KM/hours. The 8.5-inch rubber pneumatic tire has excellent shock absorption and obstacle-passing ability, a more stable riding experience. It was featuring a rear 120mm ventilated disc brake and a front E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for efficient response braking.


3 Switch mode:

It has 3-speed modes. Easily switch between ECO mode, Standard mode (D), and Sports mode (S) by double-pressing it. Apart from that, Remaining power and current speed are displayed in real-time, Reminding you when to charge and to ride safely.

three modes