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Xiaomi Mesh WiFi Smart Router

Mesh Router

Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi continued to surprise the world by its smart and advanced products. Mesh Router, a stamp on Xiaomi supremacy in the electronics market.


It is designed with advanced technology, which makes this router value for money products. It has a powerful Qualcomm DAKOTA 4 core ARM processor, which makes it processing very smooth. 256 MB Large memory allows us to store more data and can connect 248 devices with a stable connection to all.

processor for mesh router

 Mesh Router Band Steering Spectrum technology:

It comes with a dual-frequency of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Due to this, a technology combines the two frequency into one WiFi name and reduce the rush. Automatically boot the second frequency band access signals with better signals and less interference.

Ignore Wall Blocking:

During WiFi networking, Walls creates hurdles and causes signals attenuation. Due to this, Users will not enjoy fast internet if the router is in another room. The Xiaomi Mesh Router can connect through the gigabit power line, and a thick wall can be easily handled.

wall no hurdles

Care of Connected Device:

It comes with MU-MIMO technology. It can change the inefficient transmission mode that only one terminal can occupy the channel at the same. Multiple communication is also possible at the same time.

 Mesh Router Remote Control:

Mesh Router comes with many advanced features that make this device easy-to-operate. One Button speed measurement gives the exact speed of the internet; WiFi optimization also is present. And it all can be controlled anytime anywhere by users’ phones.

Protect Health of the family:

It has a feature by which networkable time and range can be controlled. Also, intelligent speed limit functions can control individual device speed of access, and we can avoid network congestion caused by individual devices.

children protection

Other Features of Mesh Router:

Xiaomi Mesh Router comes with a “Chimney” cooling structure, which increases its durability and usability. It is a lightweight and portable device. In the lower side, three LAN ports are given.

Mesh Router Lan