Xiaomi launches the Roidmi Robot Vacuum for 2,999 yuan (~$463)

Another fascinating device that comes from the arsenal of Roidmi, a Xiaomi ecological chain company, is home to Xiaomi Youpin. The device is the all-new Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum and the ability to empty the dust box automatically is its highlight feature. The robot vacuum cleaner bears a reasonable 2,999-yuan sticker price.

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ROIDMI specializes in the design, creation and manufacture of products for local and global customers for high-quality cleaning equipment. The business came into existence in early 2015 and Xiaomi invested in it.

Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum

It has been the pioneer in China mostly in cordless vacuum cleaner sector and, however, is a Xiaomi Ecosystem Business.

It comes with a cleaning station for rear suction dust collection that instantly dumps the dust box after cleaning, instantly packs the dust, and also has the original antibacterial and deodorant ozone technology. The dust bag has a wide 3-litre capacity that can conveniently pack and not spill dust.

Super-sensing LDS in Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum

According to the folks at Xiaomi, the Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum is designed with a new generation of super-sensing LDS which means it can instantly scan the entire house and draw a map automatically and prepare the route with the help of SLAM algorithm.

Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum

Smart Water tank

In addition, a smart micro-control water tank is in this Roidmi Robot Vacuum cleaner, that can monitor and release uniform water output smartly via the micro-control processor.

The volume of water in Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum

The water tank capacity is 250ml, nevertheless, in one go it can occupy a region of 300 square meters.

Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum

Dust Bag

The dust bag has a large capacity of 3 litres that can carry and not spill dust easily.