Xiaomi Haylou T19 TWS earphones for $32.94 only

Xiaomi haylou t19

The popularity of wireless earphones is growing at a swift-pace. The Haylou brand is one of the most advanced band. Which brings the latest wireless headphones, the Xiaomi Haylou T19 earphones.

We can look forward to a genuinely sophisticated model in terms of the overall design, sound, but also long battery life and fast charging. It is one of the advanced versions of Haylou T19 headphones. It comes with a type -C charging port.

Xiaomi Haylou T19 earphones

The elegant design of Xiaomi Haylou T19 earphones:

In terms of design, it is a premium and elegant headphones. The Haylou T19 headphones come in a basic retail box with a charging case with a simple and delicate look. The handset has a classic design, so it doesn’t go out of your ears.

haylou t19 price

Powerful Battery of Xiaomi Haylou T19 earphones:

The battery compartment has a minimalist, sleek look with the Haylou logo in the middle. It uses the Type-C charging port and supports fast charging as well. It also supports wireless charging. These headphones can be charged in two ways either, with the inside of the headphone battery case or when the headphones are put in. They automatically attach to the suction and charge. In terms of battery life, it supports 30 hours of extended battery life.



In terms of sound quality, the Haylou T19 is also a remarkable performer. The use of a moving coil unit, coupled with acoustic expert tuning offers both noise reduction and good sound quality. It comes with environment noise-cancelling and with clear stereo calling.

Xiaomi haylou t19 tws earphones

Application and BlueTooth connectivity:

these headphones even have their application. One can customize the functionality of the gestures and check the exact state of the battery of both the individual headphones and the charging box. It ensures seamless connectivity device with Bluetooth 5.0, it has a friendly battery and has a better signal range and makes pairing with the phone much more comfortable.

Xiaomi haylou t19

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