Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 is now launched


Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 powered by the top brand Xiaomi. The mind-blowing concept of technology which made this foldable electric scooter. This product is exquisite and reliable for you. This is a great product which loves you always. This electric scooter is too different from the traditional scooter. It has a classy look with a fantastic concept. This scooter is also good for our environment.

electric scooter pro 2

Attractive Design of Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2:

The Xiaomi launched an amazing product for everyone. The electric scooter has an aesthetic look with a slim body. It has only 14.2kg weight, which is easy for carrying, and it can support up to 100KG of weight. It looks like a traditional scooter, but it has different quality types. his little scooter is so delicate and beautiful.

The looks and appearance are amazing and suitable for almost everyone. This scooter has different attributes, such as it does not take large areas to stand. You can easily fold and fit somewhere. The matte black colour of a scooter, which makes it more attractive.

Xiaomi electric scooter pro 2 features

Environment Friendly of Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2:

Moreover, this is the electric scooter Contributes to decreasing pollution. It helps save the environment by not consuming fossil fuels.

Powerful Battery:

The pro 2 version has 12.8Ah / 37V Li-ion of powerful battery. You don’t need to charge it every now and then. The battery capacity is 12800 mAh, which should be enough to drive 45 km. Charging from 0 to 100% takes less than 5 hours.

300W motor:

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro2 comes with a 300W wheel motor (max 600W). This bike never leaves you. It has a 45KM maximum range. The maximum speed is 25KM/hours. The rubber pneumatic tire has excellent shock absorption and obstacle-passing ability, a more stable riding experience. It was featuring a rear 120mm ventilated disc brake and a front E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for efficient response braking.

Xiaomi Electric scooter pro 2

LED Display:

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 version also features a larger LED screen, which displays information about the current speed, service calls, and Bluetooth connection. One of the most significant things is, it has three modes, energy-saving mode, standard mode, sport mode, which is good for you.  There is also strong front lighting visible up to 6 m and rear lighting, which pulsates when the brake is applied.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 price