XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor

 Xiaomi is a trustworthy brand in the market of electronics. It gives the best quality and features. The XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor offers an immersive experience of watching and playing games. Moreover,  Its products are reliable and genuine prices, thus “Value for money products.”

34-inch High Quality Screen of XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor:

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor has the best quality material used for the production. It comes with 34-inch, which gives a different level of experience. The display ratio is 21:9, which provides a wide panoramic view. Curved bring fish screen with resolution 3440*1440 high quality, ultra-clear images with each corner of the scene is makes gaming experience spectacular and impressive. Furthermore, the excellent quality resolution, the wide ratio of the screen, refresh rate 144Hz, response time of 4ms, and very high control system of color combination makes it spectacular and exquisite.



Ideal for Gaming of XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor:

Xiaomi gaming Monitor comes with  Free-Sync Technology that makes high brightness, and with game screen average 16:9 screen player region. Especially,  in RTS and FPS games, the field of vision is substantial. Furthermore, it gives a wide panoramic view that has a 30% wider interface than any other monitor. For the filed vision of extremely wide. It gives a clear image and high definition resolution, making the game world more realistic and delicate by giving spectacular experience.


Vivid Picture Quality of XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor:

XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor gives high brightness, high contrast, and vivid picture quality with the brightness of up to 300 nits, making the game screen from bright white to deep black. Large view field and 1500R large curvature give you beautiful and vivid experience.


AMD free sync Technology:

It  has AMD free sync technology, which makes the picture smooth with no stuck and no tearing.AMD technology. Due to which, it decreases the problem like stuck and tearing during playing games, enhanced the optical frequency, and enhanced the player competitiveness. It is a lightweight product of 10.5 kg that makes it easy to carry and compact size which makes it to adjust anywhere. Moreover, It might be considered as one of the best quality product at a reasonable price.