Xiaomi Aqara G2H Camera

Xiaomi Aqara G2H

Many users don’t know the information yet that Aqara G2H is a HomeKit Camera upgraded from the old Camera G2. The Xiaomi Aqara G2 camera has a Gateway – which can replace a regular Aqara / Xiaomi Hub. However, it is only compatible with Mi home. With the latest Xiaomi Aqara G2H Camera, the device will be Apple HomeKit compatible. And also, Aqara’s first security camera can enter with HomeKit. This device will be very suitable for users combined with tools such as door sensors, motion sensors, etc., forming a perfect Aqara smart home security system.


Wide variety of choices of Xiaomi Aqara G2H:

Camera Aqara G2H has many colors to choose from. It gives the user freedom to decide according to their personalization choice. Moreover, it has a compact design. Therefore it is effortless to carry around.

Outstanding function from Xiaomi Aqara G2H:

Aqara G2H is much better than a regular Aqara / Xiaomi Hub. However, it will link to the network via Wifi and communicate with the device with Zigbee 3.0. that also Works with Apple home. It also allows the camera to use the HomeKit Secure Video function from Apple.


Excellent low light recording:

It can record low light videos in brilliant quality. Moreover, the device can record 1080p quality, 140-degree rotation angle, which allows live monitoring and recording. The camera also allows for a 2MP quality night recording. The scene is quite clear and will enable you to observe all night activities.


AI identification technology:

In particular, the device has integrated advanced AI technology, recognizing and distinguishing between humans and animals. A function similar to the HomeKit camera like Arlo is the integrated two-way conversation capability.

There is also two-way audio to take advantage of the room as an intercom or send messages with the touch of a single icon. Furthermore, it offers the motion detection function, post notifications or start recording only when needed, and enjoy sound detection function. In addition to Home Kit and Home Kit Secure Video, the tasks of the Aqara G2H include recording an HD video with a 140-degree wide-angle lens. The camera has night vision features and can recognize people and animals independently. Microphone and speaker allow use as an intercom system.

Xiaomi Aqara G2H features