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[Fixed] Why Is My AirPod Case Not Charging Easy Ways

[Fixed] Why Is My AirPod Case Not Charging Easy Ways

Nowadays, it is necessary to have AirPods, without them, much of our work becomes difficult. So,  when the AirPod case not charging, this can be very depressing for the people who need it daily. There is some bug in the AirPods that causes drainage of its battery. In this article, we will learn about the leading causes due to the AirPod case not charging and some of the easy ways to fix that issue.

Why won’t my Airpods Charge?

AirPod Case Not Charging That’s the common query among AirPod users. There can be many reasons why is my AirPod case not charging, and it can be due to a bug in the charging case or many other issues that are given as follows:

  • Defective Charger: Most consumers use a different cheap charger when the AirPods have stopped charging by their iPhone charger. So, when you use another cheap charger, this may cause damage to your device. So, try to use another charger if your AirPods not charging.
  • Dust particles on Connecter: Dust particles can be the reason why aren’t my AirPods charging they can be found on the connector and resist the charging of AirPods.
  • Use of Extension Cables:  When you use extension cables to charge your Airpods, it can prevent charging correctly. The power supply through an extension cord can be less, resulting in some charging issues. Try to use the charger directly from the socket.
  • Unmatched Cable: As apple is not known for providing a cable that you can use for the long term when it starts to dysfunctional, you need to buy an AirPods cord that doesn’t match the Apple charger by which your AirPods won’t charge anymore. So try to get a new charging cable if this happens to you and if you think, ‘why is my Airpod case not charging.’
  • Charging Case doesn’t Work: There can be a problem in your charging case when your Airpod pro not charging; it might be broken by which it is not charging. So, you have to buy a new charging case if this has happened to you.

Fixes for Airpod Case Not Charging 

Here are some easy fixes if your AirPod case not charging that you can perform on your AirPods or its charging case to fix it:

  • Make your Charging Case Dust Free: Charging Case might be got dust particles with time, and if you did not clean it, this might resist them from charging your AirPods. You can clean it by using a cloth or a new and clean toothbrush. You have to clean it gently so that any harm should not be done to the charging case while cleaning.
  • Keep your AirPods up to date: Always ensure that you are using an updated version of the software on your AirPods. Updating an AirPod can fix the problem when your AirPod pro case not charging. So, always try to update its software and then see if the situation regarding the charging issue improved.
  • Check Connections of your Charger: Ensure that the power adapter is connected correctly to the wall socket and the USB cable is correctly connected to the power adapter and the charging case. This type of issue has occurred in many instances, so check it properly.
  • Use another Charging Cord: While facing a problem with the AirPod case not charging, You can set your charging cord as there might be a problem with its misuse or mishandling. You can quickly check the problem related to the charging cord by using it with other AirPods. If you find a problem related to the cable, then you can buy a new line and charge your AirPods.
  • Buy a QI Certified Charger: If you have lost your official charger of AirPods and you are using another local charger for charging your AirPods, then this can cause a charging-related issue. You can buy a QI Certified Charger to fix the problem of AirPods not charging. Use of a local or cheap charger can reduce the life of your AirPods, so try to get a QI Certified Charger.
  • Factory reset your charging case: This is the most helpful fix you can use to remove all the bugs and charging-related problems on your AirPods. You have to reset your AirPods by the factory settings, which is beneficial worldwide. Follow the steps given below to factory reset your charging case:
  1. On the back of the charging case, there will be a button; press and hold this button for 15 seconds.
  2. After the emission of white light concerning the orange light, release the button.
  3. Now the battery case has been reset, which may solve the charging issue.
  • Replace your Charging Case: You can go to the apple store or can apply online to replace your charging case or buy a new charging case if it is broken or have any other issues.
  • Replace your AirPods: If any of the fixes mentioned above on why won’t my AirPods charge is not working, you can replace your AirPods if they are still under warranty. By this, you will get rid of any issues and can use a new AirPod and can enjoy it again.

So, you are now aware of fixing the AirPod case, not charging-related issues. You can use above mentioned fixes to check your charging-related matters and get to know about the main problem of your AirPods.

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AirPods Case Not Charging: Prevention Tips 

If you are a daily AirPod user, it cannot be easy to spend even a day without AirPods. We have mentioned the fixes when your AirPods won’t charge above. Now, here are some of the tips that will prevent the situation when your AirPod pro case not charging:

  • Please do not keep your AirPods from charging all over the night because this will keep on destroying your AirPods and their battery life becomes significantly less after it.
  • Clean your AirPods charging case regularly to prevent it from dust particles that will clog the charging port and will resist the charging process.
  • Do not use any local or cheap quality cords for charging your AirPods, as this will create an issue of the AirPod case not charging. Use only the best cords or cables to set it.
  • Protect your charging case from any liquid spills or food particles that can put your charging case in danger.
  • Keep your lightning cord in a safe place to protect it from any damage.

Frequently asked questions

1. My AirPods are changing, but my charging case is not. Why is this happening?

There can be a bug in your charging case by which your AirPods case not charging, and you can fix this by performing a factory reset in your charging case or any of the fixes mentioned above by which you can fix your charging case.

2. What is the reason behind the fast battery drainage of my Airpod charging case?

The leading cause of battery draining of your charging case may be because the use of low quality or cheap charger or a local cord that you are using. Buying a new well, quality cord, or Qi-certified charger will help you cope with this situation.

3. How long does it take to charge an AirPod charging case?

The maximum time to fully charge your AirPod charging case is around 1 hour and 10 minutes. It does not take a very long time to charge fully. And disconnect the charging cord as soon as your charging case got assigned.


Now, after reading this article on why is my Airpod case not charging, you know how to prevent your charging case or AirPods from any damage, and if any issue occurs in your charging case, you will fix it with any of the fixes given above. We hope all your queries have been solved by the content provided in this article and this will help you.