What is Alexa – Best Explanation With Featured Details 2021

You are living in the duration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Developing, and if you do not know What is Alexa, then you are missing many essential updates. Let me educate you that Alexa is one of the top leading AI devices on the planet.

You should keep yourself ahead of the growing technologies and be on the same page along with the world.

In the period of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, too many devices are being invented which assist us to execute our stuff in a couple of seconds.

Alexa is one of them amongst all devices, if you can recall your memory, we had to type in google or other search engines to get an answer to any query or question, right?

By reducing all those huddles, Alexa gives you an answer to your question in less than one second by just asking by voice.

Alexa does not create any barrier to education, knowledge, gender, or age, it doesn’t matter how old you are, how old you are, whether you are male or female.

Alexa is perfectly able to answer your every question in any language. If you ask it any question in the Japanese language, it will answer you in the same language.

What is Alexa

Alexa is nothing but a Digital Voice Assistant of Amazon which is connected with the internet connectivity, which you can use to get any question’s answer, or searching any song, or any kind of information.

This amazing device of amazon is not restricted to use only with the Echo Products, you can use it by connecting with all other digital products like Smartphones, ACs, Fans, Automatic Doors, lights, and many other digital products.

If the Alexa is connected with the AC of your home or office, then you will not be supposed to press the On button of your AC remote control, just speak ” Alexa, turn the AC on”.

If you want to decrease the temperature of AC, don’t find the key to reducing the temperature, just order the Alexa by your voice” Alexa, lower the temperature”.

Your stuff will be executed in a couple of seconds.

How Does Alexa Work?

When you do some work for Alexa to do then the echo device in Alexa starts recognizing your words and starts giving an answer or do work according to those recognized words. 


What type of work Alexa can do?

Alexa is designed to do various types of work in very little time

. Type of work which Alexa can do are :


  • Play songs just by voice: Alexa is an example of future technology you just have to say Alexa that  Alexa play this song and within a second Alexa will play your song

  • Narrate books for you: Let me explain this with an example: suppose you are having a kindle book you didn’t want to read but still want the knowledge so you just had to say to Alexa that Alexa narrates this book and here you will grab the knowledge without reading. 

  • Work as an informer:  If you want to visit any place like a hotel, cinema hall etc then you just have to tell Alexa to go to this hotel \ cinema hall or any other place then Alexa will do it in a minute without wasting your precious time.

  • Track amazon order: If you have ordered something on amazon and want to track something then you just have to say that track your order and then within a minute Alexa will track your order and you will get all information about your order. 

  • Tell Emails:  If you didn’t want to read your email then you just have to say that Alexa goes and reads this email. Alexa will tell you what is in the email. 


Who Invented Alexa? 

Alexa is created by an Indian engineer Rohit Prasad.

Who upgrades Alexa?

Amazon has hired a team which is known as Alexa teamwork of the Alexa team is to make improvements in Alexa. The name of those team  member’s are :









What is the Cost of Alexa, is it affordable?

The cost of Alexa is $100. It is a little bit high but Alexa totally deserves this price.

Alexa is one of the best technology devices and it makes your life convenient too.

That’s why I will recommend you to must buy Alexa 

How to Set up Amazon Alexa?

  • Download Alexa App: Download the Alexa app. You can download the Alexa app on ios/Android and amazon devices. Then create an account in the Alexa app 
  • Choose Eco:  After creating an account go to more options then click on add a device after that choose the type of ECO you want to add 
  • Plug Alexa:  After completing all these steps plug your Alexa with your phone and wait for some time. Your device light will change from light blue to orange. This is a part of a cycle after this process goes and connects your Alexa with wifi. 
  • Want pairing mode back: If you want your Alexa back in pairing mode you don’t have to do such a thing just press the top button of Alexa. 
  • Say Alexa:  After completing all these steps you just have to say “Alexa” and then what you want Alexa to do for you. 

Can you use Alexa on your Smartphone? The answer is yes, read the upcoming steps.

How to Use Amazon Alexa in The Smartphone?

Using Amazon Alexa in the smartphone is very simple and easy. You just follow these steps :

  1. Go and connect your supported phone to Wi-Fi or any other network.
  2. Click on the Settings menu and click on your phone and select Alexa.
  3. Navigate to turn Alexa Hands-Free ON and do the following steps which appear on the screen of your device. 

 If you want to check if the setup was successful, just say “Alexa” and do your work. 

How to Use Alexa?

Alexa is a  very simple and easy-to-use device but it is possible for old generation people that it might be difficult to use this type of technology. So without wasting much time Start the process :


  1. Start Alexa: The basic step is to start Alexa and make sure that its battery is not low 
  2. Connect to network: After starting Alexa connect Alexa to wifi or any other network
  3. Speak your order: After doing all the steps give the command to Alexa by saying Alexa do this work. If you didn’t speak Alexa then your device will not work so make sure to always say Alexa before commanding any other thing.