Xiaomi Wemax Appotronics D30 4K Laser Projector : Review , Specs & Price

Xiaomi Wemax Appotronics D30

It is a screenless TV equipped with a 3D function that realizes a powerful immersive feeling. In addition, it has a powerful processor and offers dual-frequency Wi-Fi for stable streaming and smooth playback, making it the perfect entertainment companion.

It has a built-in Android system, ultra-short laser, Bluetooth, and supports WI-FI. The size of the projection is 150-300 inches.

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Wemax Appotronics D30 features

It comes with various ports such as USB 3.0, DC SPDIF port, HDMI, LAN, etc. so that users can enjoy the benefits, and users can use more appropriately in each environment, which is different for each consumer. In addition, it is compatible with Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox, providing excellent exposure and an impressive experience. The HDMI input can receive 1080p video signals.


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The 1.75 kg projector comes with an AV input, next to which is a 3.5 mm audio output, to connect an amplifier. It also has a built-in speaker with 2x3W power. There is also a USB port for playing H.264, H.265, MPEG, and HEVC video files. It also processes the more familiar image and audio formats.

With the Wemax Appotronics d30 laser projector, you can connect an external player or game console to the projector and play it on a larger screen, unlike a TV. The maximum power consumption of the projector is 110W, and the lamp life is 50,000 hours. The package also includes a remote control for ease of use. Of course, this product comes with an EU plug, so you don’t have to worry about the converter. So read the Xiaomi Wemax Appotronics d30 laser projector review and get more detail about this projector. The compact, delicate design and box-shaped design make it easy to carry wherever you need the projector.

ALPD technology with 4K + HDRIO technology:

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You can use for the following purposes: Education, Home, Business and Education, Cinema Projectors, Short Focus Projectors, Entertainment Projectors-Space Saving Design, Quick and Easy Setup. Its adaptability with adjustable projections with screen sizes ranging from 80 inches to 150 inches allows you to enjoy a cinematic experience as comfortably as at home.

25,000 hours of maintenance-free operation:

Wemax Appotronics D30


You will be fascinated by the fantastic and excessive images of deeper colours and higher contrast. Also, it features 12,500 ANSI lumen of brightness and state-of-the-art image quality. Moreover, the colour performance allows up to 25,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Also, state-of-the-art patented technology achieves twice the light efficiency of standard projectors. You can experience and enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows anywhere in the house, day or night. In addition, the built-in stereo surround speakers provide high-quality sound with 60W of power.

Dolby and DTS power and provide immersive images to provide a great audio experience. The 20WX 2 provides high fidelity sound. It’s a good value for money products, and people need to try it for its advanced entertainment. Especially in this pandemic. Know more by reading Xiaomi Wemax Appotronics d30 laser projector review.

 Wemax Appotronics D30 Compact Design:

Xiaomi Wemax Appotronics D30 specs


When it comes to user interface design, wemax Appotronics d30 laser projector review interface design is flat and compact, displaying content rather than complicating it. This suits the branding and operation habits of large-screen users. wemax APPOTRONICS d30 can recreate the unique full-screen animated film background design, the current approach to automated cinema. In addition to this, TV drama clips, the box office influence, and the spirit of major movie domination.

More importantly, wemax APPOTRONICS d30 has established itself as an open platform for industry-wide collaboration and is not limited to own-brand hardware products. However, it can be equipped with more hardware devices and terminals, allowing for more application scenarios. Use third-party platforms to create games, fitness, conferencing systems, and more to establish a smart display ecosystem.

 Wemax APPOTRONICS D30 screen

Features of Wemax Appotronics D30


Xiaomi Wemax Appotronics d30 laser projector review Laser Home Cinema D3O has the benefits of movie quality big screen. It allows advanced movie watching, and healthy eye protection, adding new members to the big screen market and leading consumer smart big screen trends.

According to data published online, total retail sales of large smart laser displays with eye protection increased by 789.7% in 2019. The corresponding retail volume growth rate is even higher at 1057.4%. In the field of home screens today, we see that smart laser screens are a future trend.

With the rise of 5G technology, consumer large screen sizes, resource content, and mobile portability, Wemax is continually innovating the household goods business with powerful R & D capabilities.

In addition to constantly updating hardware, software, and services, its in-house developed flexible display is also in the planning stage.

The screen of Xiaomi’s new Wemax APPOTRONICS D30 laser projector is larger. But it offers not only movie-quality colours, but also a wider field of view, a smarter and healthier viewing experience.


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