Top 5 Best Xiaomi Earbuds 2020 [Updated]

Xiaomi Mi Comfort

Bluetooth earbuds are also known as hearing aids. The term headsets are also commonly understood to refer to a headset and microphone combination used for two-way communication, for example, with a cell phone. Headphones are mainly used in devices such as radios or music players, USB (including computers), but they can also be connected to music amplifiers, such as stereos and music players. Higher quality headphones usually have the neodymium speaker capsule. In addition, its sound is clearer and of higher quality.

Xiaomi is a brand that stands out for offering products within the technological market of very good quality, which can easily compete with other higher-end products and at a very affordable price. Within the Headphones sector, Xiaomi offers a wide variety of options to choose from for all tastes. Below you can read the.

Best Xiaomi earbuds 2020:

Which are the best earbuds 2020?

  • Amazfit Power Buds
  • Redmi Air Dots
  • Xiaomi Air 2S
  • Xiaomi Air 2
  • Airdots Youth
  • Xiaomi Mi Air 2Se
  • Haylie GT1 Pro

Are Xiaomi earbuds good?

Xiaomi earbuds are the best earbuds as they are cheap and fast charging. They have a good power backup and superior sound. Today it is difficult to find a brand that offers a better value for money within the market as Xiaomi is currently doing. The final sound quality may vary depending on the model you choose, but it generally delivers very balanced lows, mids, and highs in each of your headphones. They can also respond quite well to any type of music genre, but we repeat that it depends on the model of the headset you choose.

We can give you several reasons why to buy Xiaomi earbuds Bluetooth, but we will limit ourselves to just three:

  • Their quality has been tested and proven by technology experts who carefully analyze them.
  • The price of these devices often borders on the absurdity of how cheap they are. There are no other products to praise for their quality and that at the same time, they have such a low cost.
  • There are numerous users who recommend them, the recognition they receive from buyers is almost viral and general. This is the best proof that a product really works.

List of Best Xiaomi earbuds 2020:-

Xiaomi Mi Comfort

Xiaomi Mi Comfort

The design is one of the most favorable points in these Xiaomi headphones because it is quite clean, and above all, it is very comfortable to use them. The first thing you notice when you take it out of the box is that it does not have the brand’s logo anywhere, which may be somewhat curious, but it is a detail that many users liked.


  • Great design, inexpensive.
  • These headphones can also greatly improve the experience of listening to your  podcasts  or your favorite music
  • These Xiaomi headphones provide a decent amount of bass


  • The bass lacks depth.


Xiaomi Mi Sports

The design of these Xiaomi wireless earbuds is designed especially for athletes. They can attach to the ear by means of a small rubber ring that provides a lot of security for any type of exercise. They are very comfortable, thanks to the fact that each hook is flexible and very soft, which allows us to use them for a long time without causing fatigue.


  • Good price, very comfortable.
  • It is IPX4 sweat and splash proof.
  • The outer caps contain a metal texture to avoid scratches
  • The sound is good and clear, the bass is quite powerful and deep, especially its strong mid-bass


  • Sometimes it is annoying to connect with the devices.


Xiaomi PRO HD

These headphones have an elegant, simple, and above all, durable design and the Best Xiaomi earbuds 2020.  The outer part of the headphones is made of a metal body that remains outside when using them, which provides greater comfort since only the pad is inserted into the inner part of the ear. Inside the box are several ear cushions so you can choose the one that best suits your ear


  • The highs have great definition, detail, and shine.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Xiaomi has used graphene membranes to improve sound quality much more.
  • They have great sub-bass capable of adding warmth and energy to all musical genres.


  • Sound leakage outside can be somewhat annoying.


Xiaomi Mi TWS Headphone Lite

The design in this helmet is quite simple, elegant, and very executive.  It can be easily adapted to any ear thanks to the inclusion of several ear pads. The headset comes with an LED that is located on the front in order to warn of a notification on our cell phone or to indicate that it is charging. At the bottom of these Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones, we have the charging port, which in this case is micro USB. This product is among the top earbuds wireless.


  • Have very little weight.
  • These headphones are specially designed for calls and less background noise.
  • Compatible with iOS and android phones.


  • Low quality for listening to music.


Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh Edition

We found a fairly balanced sound, the basses are quite powerful and deep, and they cover any musical genre very well without any problem. Users can increase the depth of the bass by applying an equalizer, and it becomes much more powerful. Furthermore, The higher mids sound adequate, and the lower mids applying an equalizer. But even so, the media is mostly heard in the end result. The highs are very good, although they can sometimes sound a bit dark.


  • Excellent bass quality.
  • Ergonomics earbuds and comfort to wear.
  • Good noise cancellation.
  • Sound fully and balanced.


  • The sound is a bit high


Undoubtedly, what these Xiaomi headphones stand out the most is their price, as they are affordable for almost anyone around the world, and at the same time, they provide a quality that can easily compete against others from higher ranges.

I have been in the technical field for 5 years now. I have reviewed many technical gadgets. But, Xiaomi products are another level proof of technological advancements. #Xiaomifan