Tineco Floor One S5 Combo Cordless Wireless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner: Reviews

Tineco Floor One S5 Combo Cordless Wireless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Positive Reviews

  • The Tineco Floor One S5 Combo Cordless Wireless Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner works with no problems on hard floors, carpeted floors, area rugs, furniture upholstery, and car seats.
  • The Tineco Floor One S5 Combo Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner works fine is easy to install and has clear instructions. I have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, and I’ve never seen such a good one before.
  • It was delivered on time and was not in terrible condition. The package was well protected, and I hope it will last me for quite some time.
  • This is a fantastic deal; the product is excellent, fast shipping too! There are no complaints here. Thank you very much!
  • We bought this because of our cat; since the price is so affordable, the item works like a charm! It cleans everything so nicely and makes it look brand new again.

Negative Reviews

  • I started using this vacuum cleaner a month ago, but the canister began to leak after two weeks. I tried to clean the filter, but it didn’t help. I’m very disappointed with this product, so now I’m back to using my old vacuum cleaner.
  • This is an average-quality vacuum cleaner and won’t handle any tough jobs. The suction is relatively weak as well. It doesn’t pick up cat hairs on hardwood floors at all. It’s better to pay a bit more money and get something of better quality in the long run.
  • The cyclone filter does not work well and is also causing terrible fumes as dust, dirt, and other particles get stuck in the filter.
  • It is worse than I expected. There are three options for different types of cleaning, which is not helpful for me anyway because they all have the same cleaning performance. There is no good suction power, and the battery will empty quickly every time.
  • Very Bad Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner! I used it once, and then it stopped working. I tried to change the batteries, but it didn’t help. Too bad, I’m going to return it instead.
  • This vacuum cleaner is total junk; the suction power is fragile and does not work on thick carpets. It isn’t easy to move while vacuuming because of its weight. The noise level is very high as well.
  • It stopped working after having been used only five times. The company does not respond and has no service personnel. The vacuum cleaner is not worth the money.