Ticwris RS Smart Watch at $32.99

Ticwris RS

Ticwris RS is a beautiful smartwatch that comes with all advanced features and knocked on the market in an affordable price range. RS performance is quite impressive and touches all the aspects of today’s world.


This Smartwatch comes with a lighter body and stronger performance. Ticwris RS has a TFT screen. Due to the TFT screen, it becomes a stronger high performance. Battery plays an important role in smartwatches.RS smartwatch has 200 mAh capacity battery. The shape of the dial is Round. Due to the round shape, it perfectly fits on every age group hand. The latest version of Bluetooth is given in this watch to connect from other devices, i.e., Bluetooth 5.0. Waterproof IP68 material makes it powerful and strong underwater.

Ticwris RS Design

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Ticwris RS 31 sports modes:

To achieve fitness goals RS Smartwatch has 31 sports modes as Spinning, Running, Walking, Cycling, Yoga, Mountaineering, skipping, Badminton, Football, Basketball, Treadmill, Dumbbells, Situp, Triathlon, Walking Machine, Aerobics, Dancing, Skiing, Open Water Swimming, Bowling, stairs, shuttlecock, stepper, Hula Hoop.

Mode of usage

Design and Battery of Ticwris RS :

RS smartwatch uses the ultra low power Bluetooth BT 5.0 SOC chip, combined with a unique intelligent optimization algorithm to achieve ultra-low power consumption. The normal use time can be as long as 10 – 20 days, and the support time can be as equal as 50 days. Compared with similar Bluetooth BT 4.0 increased by 40 %.

battery system of rs

IP68 waterproof swimming with you. Ticwris RS smartwatch adopts a waterproof structure design, which has excellent performance. The waterproof level reaches IP68. Due to this,  you to swim in indoor swimming pools and shallow waters, or takes a bath.

20 Different watch faces for uniqueness and customization:

RS smartwatch originally designs with ten sets and also 10plus personalized available for a free replacement.

The screen can be Seen in the outdoor environment. Ticwris RS smartwatch uses a 1.3-inch high definition resolution screen, which can provide with larger visual size and clearer screen resolution.

This allows you to see the contents of the dial in an outdoor environment. 13 inch TFT screen, 320 x 320 resolution.

20 phase of rs

App offline data synchronization gives you to move freely. You need not hold your mobile phones when you are out for running. The offline data synchronization function of RS can synchronize exercise data to the APP cloud service after you link the mobile APP (YFIt).