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The Galaxy S21 FE could soon receive One UI 5.0 from Samsung, based on Android 13

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Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone maker, and its flagship Galaxy series includes various models available in all markets. Unlike Apple, Samsung has adopted many Android-based platforms for devices of different sizes that target various price points. They also offer machines with and without the notch-shaped cutout at the top display area known as the “forehead,” allowing for multiple designs, features, and capabilities.

Galaxy S21 FE

This article will discuss how Samsung may soon roll out One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 to their latest flagship device – the Galaxy S21 FE. This is not just because Samsung is expected to release more affordable smartphones in 2023 but also because they want to attract more users with this update.

Samsung is considering launching the latest version of its custom interface, One UI, with a new software release on Android 13. We don’t know yet if Samsung will do this with its Galaxy S21 smartphone, but it’s possible that other recent devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, could also get the update.

The Galaxy S21 FE could soon receive One UI 5.0 from Samsung

One UI is a custom smartphone interface made by the well-known electronics company Samsung. It has been upgraded several times since then, according to Samsung’s announcement schedule for the software. The Galaxy S21 FE customers were not allowed to test the updated software during the beta phase. But soon, they can try their smartphones and see how the interface looks.

One UI is an updated custom interface that appears more attractive than the current theme. It improves and enhances the user experience, making it easier for Android users to use smartphones and search for information such as contacts, messages, apps, schedules, etc.

One UI 5.0 will bring some excellent new features and changes, which include customization of the lock screen to a great extent. This will be the first significant upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy F21 FE smartphone. The new interface version will allow users to add custom widgets to their lock screen without unlocking their phones.

Apart from that, One UI 5.0 has its app shortcuts menu on the homepage of its user interface. This menu will let users quickly see all the apps installed on their smartphone and select which one they want to run by simply tapping it. More shortcuts will be added here as more apps are installed on them.

On Samsung’s servers, traces of the Galaxy S21 FE’s upcoming One UI 5.0 build based on Android 13 were discovered. Some believe that the upgrade may be published sometime next month. Samsung is working on the Galaxy S21 FE and the Galaxy S22 smartphone to ensure they are compatible with future software versions.

There has been no official announcement from Samsung about when the Galaxy S21 FE may receive this new update, but users are hopeful that it will be published next month or in early 2022.

So, get ready to experience the new look and feel of your Galaxy S21 FE and ensure all your data is backed up to the personal cloud drive of your choice.