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TCL is one of the biggest smart television makers. And now they have entered a smartphone segment and launched TCL 20 PRO 5G. No doubt the specifications wise it is great. And the main factor pricing comes in the $600 price tag.



The TCL 20 pro 5g comes with a gorgeous glory design. And you definitely like the premium styling for that 500 dollar price point.
It’s actually reasonably reminiscent of a one-plus 9 pro. It’s a glass panel front and back. And sandwiched in the middle is a metal chassis.

You can grab the TCL20 Pro 5g in gorgeous aquatic marine blue And black. The weight of TCL20 Pro is 190 grams. There is no mention of any kind of durable glass construction in the spec sheet and there’s no IP rating for water and dust resistance.

It also comes with a compact double-sided sim tray. You can actually put two sim cards in it at once otherwise. Alternatively that second sim slot can be used for a micro sd memory card up to one terabyte in size to expand the onboard storage.


It’s got the latest freshest android 11 on there of course uh reasonably sort of stock but you do have the TCL UI version 3 on top. Which makes some aesthetic changes it also adds in quite a few extra bonus bits so for instance one feature that’s always handy with modern smartphones is a proper dedicated one-handed mode that just shrinks everything down. Makes it much easier to manage.

It also comes with lots of other tools like the speed manager. If you want to check your broadband connection.


TCL 20 pro 5g

So one of the highlights of the TCL 20 Pro 5g is that 6.67-inch AMOLED display. It’s a full HD plus resolution panel not supremely crisp given the size of the thing but you will enjoy it. You can expect gorgeous poppy colors on the default display settings but you can tone that down. You’ve actually got a just noticeable color difference of 0.8.

TCL 20 pro 5g

However unfortunately the refresh rate does top off at 60 hertz here on the TCL 20 pro 5g. You’ve got no 90 hertz or even a 120-hertz option like some more affordable rivals do offer these days.

On the audio side. It’s just a mono speaker unfortunately on the TCL 20 PRO 5G. You don’t get a stereo speaker set up. The always-on display doesn’t have a little fingerprint icon to remind you of where the little bugger is lurking though so you have to sort of tap to get the little icon to pop up.


No worries on the performance front. You got a snapdragon 750 g chipset backed by six gigabytes of ram. The 750g is of course designed for gaming with the Adreno GPU boost. Good news you’ve got full 5g connectivity here with the snapdragon 750g as well.


TCL 20 Pro comes with a remarkable 4500 milliamp battery packed inside. And you do only get 18 watts wired charging which is kind of lethargic compared with a lot of rivals. But the one advantage that the TCL 20 pro 5g does have over a lot of smartphones around this sort of price point is the fact you’ve actually got wireless charging support in TCS 20PRO 5G. In wireless it does 15 watts in fact sir pretty respectable stuff.


It comes with a quad lens rear camera setup. The main shooter is a 48-megapixel Sony IMX 582 sensor. You do have built-in OIS as well. This is a first for TCL and it seems like a reasonably fast shutter speed and reasonably quick autofocus as well.

And it shoots 12-megapixel photos by default. But if you’re flicking to the more section with all your extra bonus camera modes. And it shoots 12-megapixel photos by default. But if you’re flicking to the more section with all your extra bonus camera modes.

You’ve got the high pixel option on there if you want it. You’ve also got a full pro mode as well where you can play around with likes the iso levels the shutter speed the white balance.

It also comes with a 16-megapixel ultra wide angle lens which you can swap to at any point.
It also has a 2-megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots on there and the pretty much obligatory five-megapixel super macro lens as well.

There is also a super night mode on board for when things get a little bit dim. With the help of this it captures stronger detail across the shop for a nice balanced finish.


Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one. Peace out to you.

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