Surface Duo 3- Microsofts First Foldable Display Phone in Rumors- Could launch this year

Surface Duo 3

Surface Duo 3

In 2020, Microsoft released the Surface Duo. It was an Android phone with two displays that opened like a book. The Surface Duo 2, released in 2021, kept the same design but had improved internals. After almost a year of hardware investigation and prototyping, the new design had a screen that could be foldable like other flagships like the Samsung Fold series or the Oppo Find N series.

According to a report by WindowsCentral, in place of twin screens, Microsoft may offer a foldable panel on the Surface Duo 3. It might feature a 180-degree hinge, which helps bend the panel to make it 180 degrees. The hinge can be locked to prevent the screen from collapsing entirely. Recent reports stated that the Surface Duo 3 would have a 360-degree hinge. However, according to today’s information, that is untrue, and it will instead have a 180-degree hinge.

The phone will supposedly have improvements, including a slimmer design, larger panels with lower bezels, and wireless charging expected for the dual-display Duo 3. The old dual-display design will no longer be available. The company had already finished the design for this product when it decided to choose the more sensible course and proceed with a fully foldable screen.

The inner glass panel combines with the outer case through electromagnetic induction and folds like the pages of a book. The Surface Duo 3 will resemble the Vivo X Fold and the Honor Magic Vs. in terms of form factor, with a foldable inner screen and a flat outside screen. Although the third-generation Duo phone is the name given to the device internally, there is a chance that the company will introduce it under a different name when it goes on sale.

The same sources who made all of this information public also claim that Microsoft is working to deliver “an ecosystem experience” between its Android devices and Windows PCs, much like it does on the Apple side with iPhones and Macs, to further distinguish its future Android offerings from those of its rivals.

Additionally, there is no assurance that the product will be prepared for release in the fourth quarter of this year. Since it’s reportedly still too early for that, no specifics regarding its specifications are now available.

Surface Duo 3 will be released with a foldable screen in place of dual displays, extending the competition between the company and Samsung.


Surface Duo 3