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Xiaomi Smart Wiping Machine available at $269.00

Smart Wiping Machine

Xiaomi Corporation established in April 2010 by Chinese entrepreneur and headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi makes and puts resources into cell phones and numerous different items. This time has come up Smart Wiping Machine, automatic and makes work easier.

Buffer Design:

SWDK ZDG300 is loaded with suspended collision, gives long term life of the machine. It high practicality and also plays an essential role in protecting furniture. Two-handed rubbing is replaced with high-pressure reciprocating moment machine grids.

The driving wheels solve the problem of Walking forward and then backward. It has high-frequency plates that give strength.

smart work

Smart Wiping Machine Specification:

SWDK ZDG300 is rechargeable. Water tank storage capacity of the machine is 240 ML. Total usage time is 180 minutes. It is cordless. Wiping will not be the reason for back pain anymore.

Intellectual Core Algorithm:

It is design by using advanced algorithm. It gave global playing and time to update the status of cleaning.

Advanced Features of Smart Wiping Machine:

Xiaomi Smart Wiping Machine has an automatic system that does not allow path setting run. It does high cleaning and covers maximum area while cleaning. Due to this, it also reduces cleaning repetition rate.

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Design of Smart Wiping Machine:

 The product is designed very nicely. In the corner, it cleans the area very effectively and turns automatically without getting stuck in the corner area.

Smart Wiping Machine falloff

Anti-fall sensor and Intelligent anti-fall:

SWDK ZDG300 has an anti-fall sensor that protects it from damage. It also has Intelligent sensor that gives notification when cleaning completes.

again Smart Wiping Machine



By its Wifi system, we can connect to our phones and can control the device. It can combine with a mobile App Mopping. It has Encounter Tangles, and it automatically comes out from corner trouble. 

When Wiping machine is not in use, water will not seep out of it—accidentally trapped without water seepage. It also returns charge without water seepage. 

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