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Samsung galaxy F13 launched in India with a 6000 mAh of battery

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3 colors phone

Samsung Galaxy F13 was launched in India on Wednesday. It is a beautiful phone which is available in 3 colours, waterfall blue, sunrise copper, and Nightsky green.

The Samsung F13 smartphone comes with a 6000 mAh battery and 15W fast charging support. There are other previously launched phones also by Samsung, that come with the same 6000mAh battery and 15W fast charging support. For example- Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 850, Samsung Galaxy F22 etc.  So, it’s not a very new feature but a useful feature for common people. 

Its auto data switching feature may be very useful for people as GBs of data is easily consumed nowadays and you have to switch to other Sim manually but now it’s automatic with this feature in Samsung F13 device. 

Live your life with Entertainment 


Samsung Galaxy F13 smartphone comes with a 16.62 CM (6.6″ inches screen) FHD+LCD display that’s quite big screen size. So, if you have this big-screen phone then you will never be bored again. 

Secure display 

Samsung Galaxy F13 has a very big 6.6 inches of display. This big-screen can easily get damaged if somehow the phone drops, or you accidentally lie down or sit on the phone because people sometimes leave the phone on the bed, sofa or chair. 

So, this big-screen needs protection and Samsung provides this protection by serving you with a Gorilla Glass 5. This glass comes with the Samsung F13 phone. 

Play your Favorite games

Samsung Galaxy F13 is powered by Exynos 850 Processor. It is a powerful processor to make your phone capable of running most games that you may like. This processor allows you to watch high-quality videos. 

8GB RAM makes your phone very smooth 

While still many people use 4GB RAM laptops for the general purpose this phone comes with 8GB of RAM. So, you can use many apps simultaneously and work with them smoothly.

Security features in Samsung F13

Security is one of the very needs of today’s world. Samsung, which is one of the largest mobile brands,  must have worked on its security. Samsung does the marketing of its phones by saying that it has Samsung Knox security. Samsung F13 smartphone has multi-layered security to keep you secured all the time. 

Samsung Knox is a security solution that provides a secure environment on Samsung galaxy devices. It protects your sensitive data. 

Other than this, it comes with common security features like side fingerprint unlock, and Face face Unlock. 

Is this phone available to buy in the market? 

The Samsung Galaxy F13 phone is not available to buy in the market for now. It was just launched yesterday. You need to wait till 29 June, 12 noon, when the sale of this phone will start.