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Review of the OnePlus 7T : Proven Analysis 2021

Review of the OnePlus 7T: there is nothing to complain about but we will see what is

In this article, we are going to review of OnePlus 7T so that if you are thinking about this phone
then you don’t have to be confused, easily you can decide that what are pros and cons, I highly
recommend you that please read the whole article and then you think what should you do I hope
that you will get relevant information and you will be able to take the right decision.

The OnePlus 7T is able to perform well for T mobile and this price is very reasonable in this way
it has a good place in the company’s mobile lineup.

Once upon a time, this company used to make good phones that were affordable in the budget
not only this but also company provides in this phone a lot of useful features such as good
camera, better battery, well UX, and excellent charging capacity

Moreover, by the time OnePlus premium reached to nearby segment and its price had been almost 60000 with OnePlus 7 pro

Now if we want to purchase this phone, it is obvious that we will visit many shopping portals
then we will see that MRP will be printed on the side of the phone.

We will get a good discount but we will not be able to bargain because bargaining is not available here.

Plus 7 was most awaited so when OnePlus decided to announce the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T pro then time
it was very expected to grow.

Although the OnePlus 7 T is being seen just like a regression for the OnePlus 6 Zone, the
circular camera module does not add anything crucial or we can say important.


We know that it will not be launched in India so we have to wait that foreign technical experts
are what are saying about this OnePlus 7T is an upgrade but it is not upon the OnePlus 7pro.

Some people want that upgrade of the OnePlus 7T and the OnePlus 7 pro should be launched

What am I Complaining About?

One plus 7T just seems like a downgrade and device.

There are a few scopes of complaining because you should know that I am using 7 pros after using 7T.

I am not comfortable rotating screens.

It is problematic for me but I want to say that I do not have any complaints regarding
camera UX or UI.
I expect that at least it should not be with these things.

However, we are seeing that now one plus has nothing That can convince me to prefer one plus
7 T. If I am planning to purchase a 7 series then I can also wait for 7 pros to know its features.

Something that can not be complained about by me, the OnePlus 7T has a circular camera module on the backside.

It has a 48MP, 16MP, and 12MP camera on the back is very charming and useful for users, 8MP telephoto has been
changed to 12MP on the 7T.

OnePlus 7T is more charming if we want to take various types of pictures for social media or any personal need then we should prefer this because it is very worthwhile in some features is also comfortable for night mode but in a situation of low light

I do not want to suggest this because it is not suitable according to me for that condition.

On the front side 16MP, the sensor is available in a notch this time is not any pop-up camera, the front
camera of 7T is also better than 7 Pro.

In this way, we can take a sweet selfie with this device which will be very attractive and perfect.

A Fluid Emoled screen of 6.55 inches is also available in this device which supports HDR 10+
and 90Hz so the screen seems good. I expected the same.

It is not big in size so it is very suitable to take in hand.
In this phone, a battery is available of 3800mAh.

We also know that the 7 Pro battery is 4000mAh, in this phone warp charge, is 30T which is more active than 30.

After turn on of gaming, the mode battery is not affected it is as it is

This phone has a fanatic mode feature that was introduced this year by OnePlus in this way it seems that we can use this phone for a long time
for games, any multimedia activity, or anything else we do not need to worry about battery because the battery is sufficient for some activities

If I want to notice any drawback in the battery of this phone then I will not be able to find any negativity.

I have nothing to complain about still after launching the 7 series, OnePlus is issuing some useful updates related to cooler software
such as s-gen mod, fanatic mode, and cricket score.

The OnePlus 7T is available with android 10, out of the box it means smooth gesture, dark mode, etc.

The 7T is also seen with a customizable time limit for zen mode and we can say that this phone is locked on 20 minutes

It has a super zen mode screen and face recognition for better albums.

This phone creates video according to person, time, and places, I mean it does not change your life exactly.

Should You Buy It?

If you have read the whole article then I can say that I do not need to suggest to you what you
should do because you have been able to make the right decision.

After all, you have all information yet if you want to ask me that what should you prefer then I will want to say that up
to now you have got that the OnePlus 7T is lying between oneplus7 and one plus 7pro here is not
any problems regarding battery and screen are also good

If you think about one plus 7pro then it’s okay, you should take it but you are thinking about one plus 7 then I will highly recommend that
you should not think about this because you have a good option, I mean you can take 7T.

It is a sliver of new updates but if you have taken 7 then don’t think it is adjustable.

If you are strict to take one plus device and you have sufficient amount then you can purchase
you will get good features.

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