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Redmi AX5 Router at $51.88

Redmi AX5 Router reviews

The Redmi AX5 Router powered by trusted company Xiaomi. It has highly advanced technologies, and a standard look, which comes in white color. This makes it more elegant. It has an adorable design that makes it a quality-standard product. Furthermore, The redmi AX5 router comes with super fast speed and the latest WiFi connectivity. The multiple concepts of advanced technologies give more remarkable features.

Compact Design and build:

The Redmi AX5 is more sophisticated and compact in appearance and is designed with four antennas. For ensuring broader and more stable signal coverage, the Redmi router AX5 uses four Qorvo high-performance independent signal amplifiers.

Moreover, It has a white plastic body. On the back, we can see a power connector, WAN port, three LAN ports, and a reset button. On top, there are two LED indicators. Overall, it has a beautiful design, which makes your home smarter.

Redmi AX5 Router

Powerful Qualcomm processor of Redmi AX5 Router :

The Redmi AX5 WiFi 6 router is powered by the Qualcomm’s pentacle enterprise-class chipset made of 14nm node process. Moreover, the router is ideal for smart homes, and it can easily connect to 128 WiFi enabled device.  Such as  Smart TV, speakers, security cameras, and more. The latest Connectivity and capacity. Furthermore, it supports the newest WiFi 6 connectivity, which also creates a mesh type of networks.  Alongwith other other routers to cover up your whole home without any hassle or chaos.


OFDMA Technology of Redmi AX5 Router :

WiFi 6 uses other technologies such as OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) and Transmit Beamforming, both of which Improve efficiency. Due to this the network capacity, respectively. It will ship with 256MB of RAM and an ample storage capacity of 128MB.


Supermassive Speed:

It supports Mesh Networking for uninterrupted signal coverage. 1000mbps of supermassive speed. Furthermore, it can provide up to 1000 Mbps stable speed for up to 128 individual devices. The Router  powers four independent signal amplifier antennas with the latest WiFi 6.