QCY T5 Pro TWS is now available for $31.49

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Xiaomi is one of the most respected brands. QCY is a prestigious subbrand of it. Its new premium features loaded earphones are The QCY T5 Pro -TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones. The marvellous wireless earphones come with the lowest price and most exceptional sound quality. It has a high-precision, full-frequency moving iron unit with high sensitivity, excellent stability, and a more vibrant sense of hierarchy than moving coil.

The beautiful wireless earphones have attractive colour, and also it has amazing features. Nowadays, everyone moves to wireless headsets, and it is suitable for the majority. The upgraded and amazing features with stunning sound quality at the lowest price.

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QCY T5 Pro price

Elegant Design of QCY T5 Pro:

The QCY T5 pro comes with aesthetic design and standard colour. One of the prettiest things is its colour, which is black. No doubt, it looks too elegant without any pattern. It is small and lightweight but the product weighs around 56g. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear. The ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic materials are used in it, which is known as the best plastic material for this type of product. It has a compact size of 9.50 x 5.50 x 2.00 cm, making it more handy and easy to carry.

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Lag-free Sound of QCY T5 Pro:

It is best for gaming as the sound lag is negligible, it has a fantastic quality of sound, which provides excellent gaming experience. The music is like you’ve never experienced before. If you’re into fitness and health, then this is best for you. The design has a well-established finish that feels comfortable during a workout.

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Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity:

The QCY T5 Pro has utopian and remarkable features. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which is suitable for connectivity. About its connectivity, it is wireless and easy to connect your device without any perplexity. Furthermore, the Pop-up pairing has become a standard feature of the new QCY headphones.

qcy t5 pro

Long-Lasting Battery of 6000 mAh:

QCY T5 Pro takes 2 hours to complete 100%, and the battery capacity is 600mAh, which is enough with 35 hours of working time. All over, the best product comes with a classy design, well structured, and useful features at the lowest price.