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PRICE CUT : LIECTROUX C30B Robot vacuum cleaner


LIECTROUX C30B price is $457.67 but on the anniversary sale, Aliexpress is selling at a discounted price of $196.80.



LIECTROUX C30B comes with 2d map navigation and a memory robot detection system that detects the entire environment around. And then build up the map inside the CPU. So that it does cleaning with plan from one room after another. The robot is with memory to nowhere has cleaned while where hasn’t thus one-time sweeping coverage is more than 98 percent the cleaning path.

Humanized design with voice reminder.  The repetition rate is about one percent.  Humanized design with voice reminder. The robot will remind you when charging starts when to do cleaning, full of dustbin or glitch, etc.


The suction power of liectroux C30B is pretty strong. The design of the primary filter combining with the HEPA filter avoids secondary air pollution. Besides the suction power is adjustable so that we could choose a quieter mode.

Wi-Fi app control also there. The Wi-Fi connection is highly Swift. The app can also show the real-time working route of the robot. The huge water volume of 350 milliliters ensures content mopping up to 100 minutes. It uses a 2500 Emily ion battery with an algae chip.

To apply to different floors. There is also a Low/hard mode it detects within the height of 1-centimeter hardwood ceramic tiles for a home hotel room and office. The electric water tank will not let the water come out as long as the robot vacuum is not working adjustable suction power to make a lower noise.

The design of interchangeable dustbins and water tanks makes this cleaner work more effectively and clean more thoroughly.


The modulized design of liectroux C30B is convenient for end-users to maintain the robots by themselves. It comes with a fully enclosed body design. The dust can not enter into the mainboard preventing the mainboard from being corroded descriptions. It also comes with smart memory, extremely low cleaning missing rate, and high coverage rate intelligence to sense different environment floors and adjust its direction within 10 milliseconds.

The design of the central roller prevents being entangled by wires. An Anti-fall system can detect stairs to avoid falling.
Anti-fall the ground sensors will detect the stairs with a height above 8 centimeters, then the robot vacuum will adjust its direction to avoid falling. One-time cleaning lasts 100 minutes. It can finish a house within size 170 to 220 square meters. Adjustable suction power helps to make a lower noise.

The liectroux C30B robot can free itself if the side brushes get wrapped by cords or by other objects. The coordinate memory algorithm enables the robot vacuum to detect the environment and find the shortcut to recharge at a low battery. If the charging station is not nearby, it will read them to the original point after finish cleaning at enough power.


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