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PC Vs Console for Gaming- Which is Better For Gaming In 2022

PC Vs Console for Gaming

PC Vs Console for Gaming- which one is better for gaming

PC Vs Console Gaming: Many gamers are confused about whether they should buy a gaming pc or gaming console, they are always juggling to make a proper decision.

In this article, we are going to educate you about the difference between the PC and vs Console which will enable you to make a proper decision.

You choose to buy them according to your needs. 

PC For Gaming

A gaming computer is also good for those gamers who want to play games on sometimes. PC for gamers is not the best option to buy because many times, gamers didn’t get their satisfying quality and if they buy the graphic card, this may overflow their budget, and one of the major drawbacks of computers.

 which is used for gaming. We can’t carry them. Let’s take an example. I am stuck somewhere I want to spend my time playing awesome games but I can’t play because I can’t carry my personal computer. 

Games which are available on console gaming may not be available for pc at the current time or it may take time to get available for pc there time it might be possible that some companies may free their games free for pc users like Epic game’s given GTA5 in free for pc users. 

Price for pc 

 Computers are designed to perform multiple tasks in a single device and how they perform tasks decide their price. The computer is divided into 5 categories :

  1. Basic Computer:  These computers can perform only basic tasks which are not good for gaming. I will recommend you not to buy this type of computer for gaming purposes even if you want to play games for 1 day a year then also don’t buy them it will take a lot of time to run the game and the graphics are also not good.
  1. Above Basic Computer:  These computers are better than basic computers but aren’t much for gaming. Some Above Basic computers also get hung up while playing games. Also, the game’s graphics are not good.
  1. Mid-Range Computer:  Mid – Range computers are average computers that I will advise you to buy but you should do research before buying a computer. If you have an average budget then you must go for a mid-range computer. 
  1. High-end computers: These computers are very good computers for performing various tasks. If you can increase your budget then you must go with High – an end computer your maximum work will be completed with a high-end computer
  1. Awesome Computers: Awesome computers are the best in today’s computer market but the price of this computer is very high. It is difficult for a middle-class person to buy this computer but this computer will give you the best user experience.

The major plus point of computers is that they are upgradeable so you can upgrade them with time which saves you money to buy a new computer in the future. 

Pros of Computers For Gaming 

  • Upgradable in future 
  • Graphics are better 
  • May get games at free or less price 

Cons of computers for gaming 

  • More expensive than console gaming devices 
  • Cheap computer performance is not up to the mark 

Console for Gaming

The console is cheaper than the computer. Secondly, you don’t have to worry whether you will be able to play the latest release game or not.

It will be automatically available to you.

Many gamers have taken console devices 5 or 6 years ago and till now they are running this because they are made especially for gamers and to be used for years. This is a very good thing about Console devices.

Pros :

  • Cheaper than computer 
  • Very simple to use & set up them
  • Use till’s years 

Con’s :

  • Performance is not good then the computer
  • You will get less discount then pc


According to my point of view, it depends on your budget and your requirements.

Let me explain briefly!

If you play the games at rare times like 2 or 4 days a month then you should go with a personal computer, however, if you are a game lover and play the game daily then you should go with Console devices for gaming so that you will be able to play new games.


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