OnePlus Buds Z: New earbuds launch from One plus

oneplus buds z

21Today, We’ve got some great news for you.

One plus has launched on 14th October 2020. 2020 doesn’t seem so bad after all.

The big news came in after one plus’s official tweet mentioning a new product launch.

The post has 3k+ likes and hundreds of comments. Another announcement made it all clear about OnePlus Buds Z. This news has seemed to spread like wildfire in the technology market and users are already getting excited to use it.

Given that, One Plus has kept the products very dynamic and user friendly.

The user experience plays a big role here since its earbuds. It has to comfortable and human-friendly.

According to the news, One Plus buds Z is likely to hit the Indian market in November and will mostly available directly in One Plus stores or through amazon

oneplus buds z



One plus has customized it in silicone earbuds so even if you use them for long hours, say bye-bye to weird earaches.

Nah, this is not it, The earbuds are built with bass boost technology and digital 3D audio.

The pins are connected to BlueTooth 5.0, and 10 mm driver controls.
The details do not end here, Bud does have 20 hours of playback in a single charge.

It’s literally the best one can have in this time range.

One plus is solving so many problems with these little earbuds

One Plus Bud is built in a way to reduce background noise during telephone and video calls.

Bud z is available in a white and special-edition colorway.

oneplus buds z


According to us,

This is the best you can have in this range given the long hour playback time. A quick 10-minute plug-in and charge can give you about 3 hours.

We prefer this over other earbuds in this range because One Plus has known to make its products cost-effective and interactive. It looks easy to operate and has controls in the earbuds for connectivity.