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One Netbook T1 is now available

One netbook T1

One netbook T1 is going to be the world’s first 12th Gen CPU Windows Tablet. It is a surface-type 2 in one detachable tablet which is not only portable with a powerful processor but has an advanced creativity canvas also.

In Past, One netbook was well-known for its OneMix series and OnePlayer series but both of them have screen sizes smaller than 10 inches. It is 2022 and now, One netbook T1 has a screen of 13 inches.

High processing power + Powerful RAM-

One netbook has Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake 1260P which is a very powerful processor. This powerful processor with DDR5 RAM makes the laptop capable of running the most popular and graphically demanding AAA games. You can use the most complicated software also on the netbook such as AutoCad and Lightroom.

Lighter Tablet-

The weight of the One notebook T1 is mentioned as lighter than 0.998 grams but it is not mentioned if the keyboard is included in that weight or not. Even If the keyboard is not included then it is a good and lightweight tablet also.

One netbook T1

Creativity Canvas-

One netbook T1 contains a 12.8″ x 7.8″ blank canvas to realize your imagination. If you love writing or working with graphics then it may prove to be a blessing. You can use the stylus pen with 4096 pressure points like a real pen to do most tasks on the tablet.

Exceptional Clarity and brightness-

The 13.0” IPS EDP Panel in the tablet provides a 2160×1440 resolution, this is the highest resolution in the market right now.

Other than that, the display supports 100% sRGB color performance with a brightness of 500CD/m². The display’s response time is also not bad. It is 25ms(30ms max).

Long battery life of  One Netbook T1 –

If you don’t want to recharge your tablet again and again then this tablet is for you.

Most laptops/tablets come with a battery life of 5-6 hours, but One netbook T1 contains a 12000 mAh battery, with extended 9 hours of battery life. After 9 hours you need around 2.5 hours to recharge your tablet again with the 65W GaN charger featured in the tablet.

Sturdy build-

The official website mentions that the chassis material of the device is aluminum-magnesium alloy, which makes the One netbook T1 resistant to the 5 feet height.

There is no pricing information provided on the website, but it is estimated to launch its campaign on 9th June 2022. They are already in the process of producing better and more units.