One Plus 9 pro: 5 Worst and 5 Best Things

9 pro

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the great and not-so-great things about the brand new One Plus 9 pro let’s start with.

Great things


The One Plus 9 pro as expected is built very well. It’s a glass and aluminum sandwich that make up a not so small phone but it is much easier to hold than other phones with a similar footprint. It’s narrower than most phones in this range and paired with the curvature it’s actually a comfortable phone to use.

The camera bump looks classier this time around in our opinion and it doesn’t protrude as much as the 8 pros did. Of course, you’ve got the usual goodies like the alert slider IP68 dust and water resistance stereo speakers and high-quality haptics. Everything comes together nicely for a solid and premium device.


This display is nothing short of awesome it’s big it’s bright crisp super clean and super smooth. It’s still rocking the hole punch cut out and unlike the regular 9. It is a curved panel but the curves are not nearly as dramatic as the 8 pros. Basically, they struck a nice balance here. It’s got the specs you know you love and would you want.

But on top of that the comforting tone. The feature is very nice to have with its ability to adjust color tones based on different lighting conditions. According to OnePlus, this is the first phone display that can scale down to 1 hertz from 120 hertz. And it’s more power-efficient using up to 50 percent less power than screens from last year so that’s pretty impressive.


One Plus 9 pro Chipset

Performance on the One Plus 9 pro is top-notch of course. With specs like this, you should expect nothing less with the latest snapdragon 888 processor Adreno 660 GPU and either 8 or 12 GB of ram. It’s going to be kind of hard to find something that you can do to bog this thing down multitasking playing games even the fingerprint scanner everything is quick and smooth.


One Plus 9 pro DASH CHARGING

Yes, you can guess with the extra H how amazing it is. And on top of this, the One Plus 9 pro has 50-watt wireless charging capabilities. OnePlus claims a zero to 100 wireless charge in about half an hour which is insane. Especially when considering the size of this phone’s battery at 4500 MAH.

we’re talking 65 watts wired charging. Oneplus claims a zero to 100 charge in just under 45 minutes with their charger which is bonkers it’s pretty crazy how charging speeds like this can help with the flow of daily tasks it’s super-duper convenient.


Now the biggest selling point of the 9 Pro. Oneplus new partnership with Hasselblad in an effort to take a huge leap forward in mobile photography. And well while there’s a decent amount to say about that one thing that really stood out is color accuracy.
We really like what the cameras can push out when it comes to colors which are great especially seeing how proud OnePlus is about this.

No doubt the Hasselblad colors are great and much closer to what the eye sees.

Not so Great



The 9 pro’s fingerprint scanner is placed a decent amount lower than where it’s been on previous OnePlus devices. It’s not the best ergonomically as you have to hold the phone in a specific way to nail the scan. The scanner itself is fine it’s fast and accurate but it’s uncomfortably close to the bottom of the phone and it will take some time to get used to. Especially if you’re used to the placement on previous phones.


In testing we found. It’s just worth noting that day-to-day battery performance out the gate hasn’t been what it’s been before perhaps it’s something that can be helped with a future update.


But as of now, it’s safe to say that well OnePlus’s Hasselblad partnership isn’t all it’s cracked up. To be OnePlus placed a ton of hype around these cameras and the partnership is a little more than just a logo tossed on the back of the phone. OnePlus has a long way to go. so while
it’s worth mentioning that there are some welcome changes and adjustments from last year’s cameras. OnePlus has some work to do if it wants to take out the competition.


reliable long-term software updates are already something difficult to come by in the world of android. And OnePlus commitment of two years of OS updates three years of security updates and security patches every two months isn’t helping anything.

In addition to that OnePlus has become notorious for inconsistent releases a lot of which haven’t exactly been the highest of quality or exactly bug-free this is something Samsung has over OnePlus with their three years of OS updates and four years of security patches and more robust and reliable ones at that this really shouldn’t be a problem for a phone of this caliber and a phone of this price.


While it’d be pretty silly to ask for OnePlus to sell this premium high-end hardware for the prices they once sold.
phones for there’s still something to say about the 9 pro’s $970.00 price tag. It is a tough pill to swallow this is a great phone in and of itself but it becomes difficult to recommend at just under a thousand dollars and not only because of the downsides. it does have but also because the competition continues to get heavier another thing that’s worth pointing out is that if you want to take advantage of the 50-watt wireless charging you’ll need to pick up both the charging stand and the wall adapter which combined for a little over a hundred dollars.

Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one, Peace out to you.

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