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One NetBook A1 : Review, Specification and Price

one netbook a1 price

The One Netbook A-1 has entered the market. The use of a 180° rotatable screen has created a new wave of compact professional notebook for network engineering or systems administration.

With the advanced technology in this unit, you could just turn your display around for your colleagues at work for videos, statistics, or mere basic photo viewing, it allows a new level of comfort and easy-going use of this product.

one netbook a1 features

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Specification of One Netbook A1

The One- Netbook A1 comes with a display resolution of 1920 × 1200, which makes the viewing better and easier on the eyes.

The weight of the netbook is about 500 gms which makes it easier to carry around in a backpack for a meeting or for a long work trip.

It doesn’t strain your back as well as it allows you to work from any corner of the world with the easiest and user-friendly technology available.

The design is suitable for any age group to use it easily.


one netbook a1



It comes with the Intel Core i5-10210Y Ultra CPU, which typically consists of the main memory, control unit, an arithmetic logic unit. The processor usually is also called as heart and soul of the device. It is intended for wireless monitoring to networks, debugging applications, and is ideal for engineers providing remote work or working from outdoors.

One Netbook A1 features a 7- inch 5th generation gorilla glass exterior screen, wide and I quality, with vibrant color quality and a display for higher resolution data which allows you to look at the creative works in-depth as well as for the scientific area of the notebook is good enough to use and navigate.

one netbook


The design of One Netbook A1 is also for professional usage and is touch enabled. The navigation in the system is quickly understood in layman’s terms and has a great tech support for any queries or questions.


It comes with 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and storage with a 256GB M.2 interface SSD which could also be upgraded. The user interface of the device is interactive which allows to understand the device quickly with no confusion or distraction.

It reveals a strong side in terms of performance and detailing.

Compared to marginal performance, this exhibits a great side in terms of power performance, specification of the interface, and functionality.

one netbook a1

Before this all other devices from the same company showed a simple pattern for a  keyboard. The keyboard is one of the things to look forward to. The typing on this system is very smooth and convincing. The use to easily draft an email or reply to a message seems easy.

One Netboook A1 comes with two USB Type-A, RJ45, microSD card slot, and USB Type-C. This makes it convenient to connect on the go or sit and work environment.

Battery :-

It fits with a battery power of 12000mAh which lasts at extreme speed for about 12 hours. It functions with charger specification. Power delivery  that enables a USB connection to charge your notebook faster and in an efficient way.

This time, the company has however emphasized on making products user-friendly at its heart. So, they put 2 integrated nuts on the back of this notebook. These keep the device stable and sturdy in place, making it easier for engineers to work in harsh environments.

It also allows us to set the device down and work hands free. The user can use device both while keeping it in hand or using it hands-free.

Price of One Netbook A1:

The device may launch for $929 making it affordable and efficient device in this price segment.

Furthermore, At this price One Notebook offers :  2.4G/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.2, supporting Gigabit LAN. 2, backlit full keyboard + upper left mouse center-right button + upper right touchpad, ultra-flexible control medium.

One Netbook A1 is a computer for network professionals with a niche method.

1 serial + 1 RJ45 network port + 3 USB 3.0 + 1 Type-C port + 1 TF card slot for up to 2TB. 4, active cooling + smart fans!

The device is for the users to ensure reliability and compatibility for a better user experience. The results ensure the customer remain loyal. Such quality of the product at such a great price is definitely worth the loyalty.

Where to buy One Netbook A1:

One can buy this sleek high- tech notebook after the launch on the company’s official website. We will also provide the link with coupon code to buy it on discount.

This Notebook is ideal for remote setup engineers working with professional services. They can manage their network at any given time with this.

In my view,

The device seems to have great potential and looks wonderful with the specifications, given the Windows 10 and 8GB RAM. The RAM justifies the fast speed of the device and the effective control on device while upgrading your SSD. 12 hours of battery capacity seems great. The Three dimensional Rotatable Screen more comfortable with many visual angles. It helps to provide better view whenever you make preparations with coworkers or do statistical analysis