Ninebot MAX G30LP is available for $699.99


Ninebot has come up with excellent features and high-quality Electric Scooter. Ninebot MAX G30LP has a target to make the market of electric scooters more reachable to the ordinary people.


350-watt  Motor of Ninebot MAX G30LP:

Ninebot MAX G30LP is suitable for adults and for teenagers also. It has hall affect brushless DC motor with 350-watt nominal and 700-watt maximum power. This has a maximum speed of 30 Km/hr, can drive. G30LP has three modes as speed limit, standard and sport mode. It can be used to carry a maximum load of 100 Kg and also maximum autonomy of 40 km.

Ninebot MAX G30LP deal

Lithium Battery of Ninebot MAX G30LP:

MAX G30LP has an inbuilt battery of 36 V, which is made of lithium, which gets fully charged in around 6.5 hours. The battery management system gives support for long journeys up to 40 km. Its smart battery system ensures the control of heating, short circuit and also controls the excessive current flow and over-discharge protection. G30LP battery gives a feature of the auto power cut which makes battery life longer than standard electric scooters.

Control System:

MAX G30LP has a dual brake system, front, and rear. Mechanical front with drum brake with high strength to control top speed and electronic regenerative IBS.

Ninebot MAX G30LP


Ninebot MAX G30LP has a lightweight body with an aluminum alloy shell for a maximum of 100 kg payload. It has a small size that makes it easy to carry and quick-fold design for convenient taking in your truck, car for outings. It has a Waterproof system of IPX7, which keeps it safe in the rainy season.

Ninebot MAX G30LP has a lightweight body smaller in size, which makes quick folding and reduces the extra burden on the battery. It has 350 watt motor for the rear wheel to give additional protection while driving. Ninebot MAX G30LP comes with IPX5 certification, which means the model is tested and analyzed for the long drive within 40km. It has a 10-inch tubeless tire, which reduces the weight of the model. The high performing electric scooter has a light shade of grey, used to show the outlining between Ninebot models with other company’s models.