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Motorola isn’t exactly particularly shy when it comes to launching new smartphones.

Moto g9 series was only just launched at the end of 2020 over the space of a couple of months and yet already in early 2021 we have their successor the moto g10.  To put it in simple Anime terms if the G30 was Goku the G10 would be Krillin.


Moto G30


Motorola moto g30 that’s got the slicker performance the 90-hertz
display and the 64-megapixel primary camera some pretty tidy specs for that $220.00 asking price, of course at this sort of budget price point you’ve got some really strong rivals including the likes of the oppo a53 the Poco m3 a buttload of Xiaomi smartphones.

So is the Motorola moto g30 is the stiff competition? Let’s find out

In hand feel

The G30 has a bang average 6.5-inch size with typically chunky bezels, making for quite the hand filler although the curvature at the edges does at least mean that it’s comfortable to clutch. It is basic plastic construction like pretty much every other budget smartphone you’ll find at this price but it is attractive enough as well for a budget blower.

You will like the subtle color as well it looks quite a sort of dark and mysterious when you look at it head-on but when you tilt it towards the light and then it takes on this sort of purple hue and I particularly like the matte finish as well which means,

it completely resists any kind of smudges fingerprints scuffs anything like that so you don’t even really have to give it much of a buffing up to keep it looking fresh but I have noticed a bit of scratching on that finish, however, so you will have to use a case with the moto g30 if you want to keep it looking as pristine as possible.

IP Rating

G30 comes with an ip52 water repellent design. so a little bit of splashing is absolutely fine doesn’t matter if it gets a bit damp but you don’t want to go drenching it now unlike some other recent budget blowers like Samsung’s galaxy a12.


Here you’ve got the latest tastiest android 11 on board and like other Motorola smartphones as well the moto g30 doesn’t bugger about with heavy clunky overlays or launchers or anything like that this is as close as you’ll get to smooth stock android outside of a pixel smartphone albeit with a few little added gifts chucked in there by Motorola as well so for one this has lots of great gesture support.


Motorola has also spruced up android with some proper face recognition for unlocking the moto g30 which works pretty well as long as the lighting doesn’t suck otherwise, you’ve got that classic rear the mounted fingerprint sensor which ain’t exactly super swift but it is rather dependable it’s only really not great if your figure’s a bit moist or obviously if you’re wearing gloves or something in which case the face recognition is a dependable fallback unless of
course you’re on a face mask.


It’s great to see Motorola not being stingy on the storage front. Either you’ve got 128 gigs of space crammed into this thing compared with some rivals like Samsung who only shove in 64 as standard and you’ve got micro sd memory card support to expand that by further 512 gigs as well so no worries if you’re downloading shed loads of suspiciously large video files although that memory card does have to go into the second sim slot so you can’t have dual sim and expansion at the same time.

Display of MOTO G30 vs MOTO G10

So far so very lovely but the 6.5-inch IPS screen on the moto g30 does bring things crashing back to reality. Or if not quite crashing then maybe gently tumbling this is a simple 720p HD plus panel meaning that you’re lacking that fine finish of full HD plus screens which you’ll find on some rivals like the Poco m3 on top brightness the moto g30 won’t exactly make you squint with its awesome power although it’s generally all right for outdoors use while color reproduction and viewing angles are typical for a cheapy mud roller phone and that sounds like a whole barrel load of winged.

But the moto g30 is still fine for watching some Netflix youtube or whatever your brain numb and poison happens to be. And at least one of the moto g30s upgrades over the standard moto g10 is a 90-hertz refresh rate so zipping around in supported apps and the like is silky smooth. яндекс


As for the performance while you’ve got Qualcomm’s ever-dependable snapdragon 662 chipsets stuffed inside the moto g30 which is fast becoming the go-to platform for budget phones under $300.00.

But apart from that pretty much smooth sailing and also that trusty Adreno 610 GPU means that gamers can Blizz to the likes of call of duty on higher detail levels with a nice smooth frame rate it’s an enjoyable gaming experience and that’s helped along by mode roller’s game time feature which can be dragged out at any point to help block your calls your notifications check on your resources


Source motorola

Motorola smartphones usually absolutely smash them out of the park when it comes to battery life. But the moto g30 doesn’t just smash it out of the park whatever it is it completely disintegrates it into a cloud of freaking dust,

Trust me that 5000 Mah battery will not be drained at the end of even a super long
intensive deal unless you’re literally piddling about with the camera or gaming
on the thing non-stop and just with standard everyday use you know a messaging bit of audio streaming bit of youtube and all of that good stuff it’ll generally last you two full days between charges plus it bundled up with  20-watt turbocharger.


The moto g30 rocks a respectable 64-megapixel quad pixel primary sensor, and this captures decent-looking pictures by default occasionally a little bit oversaturated and brighter scenes but that’s pretty typical for this price point.
At any point, you can knock up the resolution to that maximum 64 Mp level by using the ultra rays bonus camera mode the processing time is quite long but this can produce some very sharp good looking pics.

when the lighting is strong and it usually counters that overexposure effect but other times you will end up with a darker murkier image overall the moto g30 works hard to capture worthy shots with minimal effort from your good self moving subjects are generally blur-free as long as they aren’t right up in your face and even indoor shots aren’t too soft and you’ve got more rollers ai smarts on board to automatically straighten up any wonky snaps a feature that works well and this will even suggest swapping to an alternative camera mode when appropriate

Motorola has added a depth sensor that contributes to great-looking portrait shots with bokeh style beauty that can be altered even after the pitch has been taken and don’t forget that ever-entertaining spot color mode which can produce some slick look and mostly monochrome pics.


The 64-megapixel primary sensor  just crop in video capture tops off at full HD level and while things are shakier even with the image stabilization active the results are still fine I did notice some slight flickering in brighter light but other technical issues are few and far between while audio capture is perfectly respectable you just get the usual distortion whenever a breeze picks up

Now I gotta say I’m also a fan of the moto g30s 13-megapixel selfie cam which can cope with crappy conditions and also turn out some good looking portrait snaps just like that rear camera and it could also shoot a tasty bit of full HD video if you’re in a bit of a blogging mood so right there is the moto g30.

Final thoughts

I’ve got to say the number of upgrades that G30 offers over the moto g10. I definitely say it’s worth your while
if you’ve got that little bit of extra cash to spare you get better performance you’ve got the better camera tech and of course that 90-hertz display if you’re after that sort of stock android vibe then definitely the moto
g30 is one of the better $300.00 budget smartphones around right now.

Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one, Peace out to you.

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