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MJX B20 EIS RC drone at $209


The MJX B20 EIS, which is a drone. A small sized drone made by the modular technology. This is a unique and revolutionary gadget. It has 4K video camera features Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). It has a beautiful design and amazing power.

High Quality Material of MJX B20 EIS:

It had made of high-quality, environmentally friendly plastic flame retardant materials. With high hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, fall resistance, and collision resistance. Furthermore,  The classic and fashionable streamlined design is exquisite, full of sense of technology and modernity. The structure is reliable, lightweight, and boldly matched to the lithium battery, with satisfactory control and power output performance during flight.

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Excellent battery of MJX B20 EIS:

The size is 380*380*125mm. Furthermore, It comes with remote control with a phone as a display, so if you want to view the camera image, you’ll need a phone. The remote control has a display with the most important information on it. It is not that heavy, and it weighs around 543g that makes it ideal for smooth flying. Moreover, Advanced Motor makes it freely move without any obstacles. Around each motor has a plastic protection material, which protects to hit something. The 4s 3400mah lipo battery is the best to fly, and you can also operate it for hours without interruption.

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4K HD Camera:

5G WIFI 4K HD camera, The wide-angle lens is made up of optical lens elements. It makes it easily possible for the camera to capture the sharp and vivid image with an expansive background. Camera angles can be controlled to pitch from -90° to 0° follow me mode. The drone’s camera will lock on your phone when using this function. The drone will auto-track you automatically and capture your movement with a piratically al aerial view. Other function Up/down, Forward/backward, Turn left/right, Sideward flight, GPS Positioning, One key return, Follow me.

MJX B20 EIS features


MJX B20 EIS RC drone is good for security purposes, and it is a good example of an advanced security system. Apart from that, you can use various purposes, such as Vlogging. Drones are now being used to capture footage that would otherwise require expensive helicopters and cranes. It has a good camera that gives you 4k video quality, and it can fly 120m from the ground to easily see.