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Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver is available at $65.51

Mijia Electric Screwdriver

Mijia is a trustworthy brand in the field of the home appliance. Mijia Electric Screwdriver is perfect for home use. Reduce effort and makes work easy.

Mijia Electric Screwdriver deal

Powerful Magnetic Motor:

Mijia Electric Screwdriver has a robust magnetic motor. Due to this, high power is produced which makes work easy. It has 5 N.n high torque. High power motor makes holes in the wall and any other place very quickly.


Ring LED System:

 Home Electric Screwdriver has Ring LED light. It gives bright lighting. Three LEDs forms a circular light belt which automatically lights up when you press the start button. It is also convenient to operate in dim environments.


Robust Design of Mijia Electric Screwdriver:

It is made up of suitable quality material plastic. Due to this, its weight is very less 0.3500kg. Its design is robust and durable. It has patent integrated cordless design easy to start. This comes with a fully managed set of 12 x S2 steel bits. It has an overall storage bag.

Mijia Home Screwdriver has won the Design Award in Germany for its design. Its design allows user to work efficiently and very easily. 

Mijia Electric Screwdriver design


Mijia Electric Screwdriver has 200mAh Battery:

Screwdriver has a powerful inbuilt battery of 2000 mAh. Mijia Electric Screwdriver battery is made up of Li-ion and gets charge by Type-C adapter. It has a cordless portable design. Mijia Electric Screwdriver has strong Magneto which has super torque of 5 N.m. It can use for lamps , electrical applicants and others can be installed/uninstalled effortless.

Mijia Electric

12 x High quality S2 steel bits:

It comes with 12 high-quality S2 alloy steel tips, high precision bite, hard but not brittle, tough but not soft with the 60 mm extension rod; it is suitable for the space with narrow or inadequate residual field and can meet most of the use scenarios in families.

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