Xiaomi Mijia Capsule Coffee Machine

Mijia Coffee Machine

Xiaomi Mijia Coffee Machine come from the “Smart Home Appliances” product streak, Mijia. In every way, it fits into the line of Xiaomi, making it a must for fans of the manufacturer. But it’s not a bad machine anyway, but it’s not exactly cheap, it’s currently $128.99

Display photo of machine

The Mijia company has the aim behind launching this new coffee machine to “reduce complexity and making it easy to drink good coffee with one touch button”. Continuing with its sleek and minimal design, this product comes in an all-white colour. Due to this, it looks very classy  product.

Design of Mijia Coffee Machine:

Its appearance is typical Xiaomi products, completely white, and its water tank is translucent. The position of the cup holder can be adjusted accordingly so that if there is a smaller cup under the cup holder, do not splash so much and get coffee easily. By default, it gives 40 to 110ml of coffee at a single touch of a button.

desgin of coffee

Stable Extraction Technology:

Mijia coffee machine comes with a 20Bar electromagnetic pump, which gives this device an extremely fast heating technology and stable coffee extraction system. It ensures that each cup of coffee can be fully extracted. This can presses the water and other stuff at a pressure of 20 Bar. It gets stops automatically in case of water shortage and switches off automatically after 10 minutes.

Mijia Coffee

Two Cupping Modes:

Mijia Coffee Machine is blessed with two independent buttons which are given at the upper surface. It presents two cup volume modes of about 40ml for a small cup and 110ml for a large cup. One key operation, you can extract the corresponding amount of coffee.

Silent features of Mijia Coffee Machine:

It can create a pressure of 15 Bar, which more than sufficient for coffee extraction from beams completely. Coffee Machine is a lightweight and very compact form. You can use it anywhere in the house/office, easy to operate and portable too.

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