Microsoft defender launches on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

Windows defender

Online security is a very important need in today’s world when hacking attacks are happening every moment. To help with this, Microsoft has launched its Microsoft defender app for all major platforms. App provides many powerful security features and centralised view and monitoring of all your devices. This app is available as a part of the Microsoft 365 service. So, to use this app you need the Microsoft 365 family subscription or personal subscription. 

Don’t try to associate it with the Windows security features. This is a security app providing centralised monitoring for all major platforms. On Windows, This app can work with built-in third-party antivirus and security apps of the device to strengthen the overall security and immune power of the Windows device. 

You can protect yourself and your family at the same time by taking the responsibility of viewing, managing or monitoring all the devices in your hand. Via this Microsoft defender app, you can manage and view all your antivirus protections across one device or more devices if you add them. Devices can be added and removed easily, so don’t think of it as a heavy job. 

The features of the app vary according to the platform. For example- for iOS and iPadOS there is no antivirus protection, instead, the app offers protections against web phishing and unsafe network connections from websites, emails and apps. 

If you want the Microsoft defender for your business, organisation, or company then you need to use your business email to log in to the Defender app. 

To equip the Microsoft defender with commercial and business features, you need to take Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1, P2, Microsoft 365 Defender for Business license, or a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription.


What is Microsoft 365 service? 

Microsoft 365 and office 365 are Cloud-based services designed for full fill all day-to-day life needs including various security, reliability and productivity needs. 

What is Microsoft 365 family subscription about? 

Microsoft 365 family subscription is one convenient subscription for up to 6 people. It includes premium office apps, 1 TB of Cloud storage for every person, and powerful security features. 

How does the Microsoft defender app fight against phishing attacks? 

Microsoft defender for Android uses accessibility services to block malicious web pages that might be accessed by links from, SMS messaging apps, browsers, and email without your manual interference. 

Windows defender

You as an admin can view, edit and configure the default anti-phishing policies in Microsoft Defender for Office 365. Not only this, you can create custom policies for specific users, groups, or domains in your organization. So, your business will run smoothly with full security against phishing attacks.