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Mi Router AX1800 is available at price of $57.39

Xiaomi is the new face of the trending technology like AI and IoT. Xiaomi has launched Mi Router AX1800. It gives high performance andyet under budget. Customers feedback matters to the company to make changes and modification in the devices.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800

 5 Core A53 Processor of Mi Router AX1800:

Xiaomi Mi Router  has very advanced processor IPQ6000. It has the capacity to worky with 1.2 GHz.It is also supported with the network acceleration engine with Single-core 1.5 GHz NPU.

128 MB ROM Memory system:

Ax1800 has inbuilt 128 MB ROM (read-only memory) and 256 MB memory .this much memory is enough for the proper functioning of the router. It supports the two variations of the frequencies as 2.4 GHz Wifi and 5 GHz Wifi.

Mi Router AX1800 dea;

Smart cooling system:

It has a natural cooling system which cools down it starts heating. Due to this, user can use it for long period

LED Indicator :

Xiaomi Mi Router Ax1800 has two LED. One is used for System indicator informs whether the router is working or not. The second one used for the Internet indicator.


Smart Reset Button:

Xiaomi Mi Router Ax1800 has a smart reset button. Due to this, one click is sufficient to turn on and off. It has one power input interface for the fast functioning of the router.

Software Parameters of Mi Router AX1800:

This has the most excellent operating system which controls the equal frequency Wifi distribution. It has an OS based on OpenWork technology customized in Mi WiFi. Management application as support web, android and ios.

operating system

Mi Router AX1800 Multiple Function:

Ax1800 transmission rate of 1800 Mbps and speed of Ethernet Port of 1000 Mbps. It supports the Chinese language.It has usage in Home and gaming. The wireless standard is wireless AC, wireless N and wireless G.

It has three ports for LAN and DC ports as 3.5 X 1.1. It has wireless security of WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK.

wifi system