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Launch of MI 10 Lite

MI 10 Lite featured

The MI 10 Lite is expected to launch in july 2020 in Inida, it has promising features and will cost around $384

7nm EUV process with Liquid Cool technology:

The next-generation chip and LiquidCool technology offers a reduction of energy consumption and high performance, allowing you to enjoy and appreciate all kinds of media to your desires.

MI 10 Lite

Fast charging and Long lasting of MI 10 Lite:

if you are worried about using all battery and running out of charge? The high-capacity battery in the REdmi 10 lite allows you to enjoy games, browsing, and pretty much all the features for more extended periods. The 20W fast charging enables you to restore power when the battery is low instantly.


Bigger Screen and Improved Visuals of MI 10 Lite:

The near borderless TrueColor display allows you to enjoy every experience and color vividly. It provides impressive display quality. Moreover, Broadened horizons make the world much more vivid and bright. You get a feeling of having the world is in your hands, Whether it is a panorama, portrait, or night scene shot. The Mi 10 Lite 5G comes packed with powerful hardware and amazing software. It is easily usable and is comfortable in many aspects. The Artificial intelligence-powered Quad Camera can handle and manage most of the scenarios.


48MP Primary Camera:

Artificial Intelligence algorithm at the flagship-level lens module coupled with the device. This can efficiently recognize the scenes, and make sure that your photos do come out vivid and utterly full of minute details. Moreover, there is Front Camera 120fps Slow Motion and slow-motion is available and applied to the selfie camera to help you capture and record swift moments of the beauty and make yourself the protagonist in the story of one’s life. Significant features to Take a photo and transform it it into one printable document.


MI 10 Lite can Use Perspective Correction as a tool to correct the angle of the document. Moreover, the Shadow remover function can get rid of any shadows. The Black and White mode can then quickly turn your pictures into printable documents. Due to this it makes your mobile phone the best tool for business and studies.