Megawheels EB07 Features and Specs!

Megawheels EB07

There has been a massive increase in electromobility growth in recent years, hence the launch of Megawheels EB07. It has played a strong role in the demand for electric moped bikes. With a 250W engine, it is fitted with a wide range of up to 40km. This bicycle has an outstanding folding feature.

Thanks to different energy-saving strategies, the bike will accompany you for an impressive 40 km with its electric engine.

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Folding E-Bike

It is a folding eBike that can not only be used as a means of transport to work, but will undoubtedly also find its purpose when it comes to ordinary days when you want to ride for recreation in your spare time.

Megawheels EB07

Design of Megawheels EB07


The compact aluminum alloy framework of the Megawheels EB07 weighs 15.5 kg.


Exchangeable Battery


An exchangeable battery powers the engine. The basic layout, coupled with extreme simplicity, makes sure this two-wheeled buddy’s transmission is swift. Thanks to the ability to fold or unfold within five seconds.


Electric Bike


It can work without your strength as it has the power of 250W and can run 25km/hr. However, it is not possible to use this electric bicycle to cycle over big hills or on longer routes.


Battery Capacity of Megawheels EB07


The built-in 7.5Ah battery with a voltage of 48V guarantees trouble-free operation for up to 40km. This battery concealed under the bicycle’s frame.