Lenovo X18 is now available for $22.99


We present to you the marvellous wireless earphones that come with the lowest price and exceptional sound quality. Lenovo has launched a new TWS True Wireless Headset X18, which supports Bluetooth 5.0 and 3D sound. It has a real independent chamber.

Lenovo X18 price

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Sophisticated Design :

The alluring wireless earphones have an attractive look and colour. Moreover, they also have fantastic features. Nowadays, everyone moves to wireless headsets, and it is best for you. The upgraded and amazing features with stunning sound quality at the lowest price. The Lenovo X18 comes with aesthetic Design and standard colour. One of the prettiest things is its colour, which is black and white, no doubt it looks too elegant without any pattern. It is small and lightweight, but the Product of weight around 4.9g.



Suitable for Fitness Enthusiasts:

According to its appearance, it is best for gaming and sports—the fantastic quality of sound, which helps increase your gaming qualities. The music is like you’ve never experienced before. If you’re a fitness freak, Then this is best for you. The Design and structure are quite finished, which makes you feel comfortable during a workout.

Battery and charge of Lenovo X18 :

The earphone battery capacity is 40mAh*2, and the charging compartment capacity is 300mAh. According to the charging conversion rate of 80%, it can be filled for about three times.

Lenovo X18

IPX4 waterproof of Lenovo X18 :

Lenovo X18 Prevents sweat and water from damage run freely without any worry about it. Features:- The X18 has High sound quality 6mm composite membrane speaker. It has Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of 20 meters.


The advanced concept of technology such as Touch of fingerprint, Matching memory, reduce cumbersome, Fast charging technology, one step faster to charge, High definition calls, such as face to face. Moreover, it is Fully compatible, Android, and iPhone. Three hundred sixty surround panoramic sound:- 6mm composite membrane moving coil unit Super bass enhances the sense of the sound space restoring the real effect of music.