Kospet Power 4g Smartwatch : Review, Specifications & Price

Kospet watch

Kospet power 4g smartwatch

A fashionable smartwatch with a unique design that you should be adding to your lifestyle. It fits all the requirements and can be used at any age. Kospet 4 g power has some mind-blowing innovations such as a face or pattern unlock, nine sports mode, and 900 mAh battery capacity.

Not just that, it has a portable charging base so that you can charge whenever and wherever you want.

 Kospet power smartwatch
Sleek design and high tech smartwatch – Kospet power 4g


Kospet power 4g smartwatch use.

Kospet power 4g smartwatch is a day-to-day accessory. It is developed with a high-tech vision and mission. It is human-friendly, easy to navigate. The toggle button is easy and useable.

You can now set alarms, check the calendar or weather, use a calculator and so much more in just a few taps.

It shows a plethora of services that are for daily use and allows you to monitor your body, GPS, and sleep.

It allows you to make a call, send a message, manage apps, and music.

Anybody with basic technical knowledge can access the device.

The device supports Andriod 5.0 and in iOs 9.0 operating systems.

900mAh battery life, which will be sufficient for a day and a half.


kospet prime 4g smartwatch
Power through and install a range of application from the play store and use it on your smartwatch

Feature of the power 4g smartwatch

  1. Display: The device’s screen is remarkable, it has 1.6 inches, which is much better than any other device, offering a great user interface, responsiveness, and accessibility. It supports a full-round touch screen 400* 400 high-resolution HD, which is greatly used by IPS display technology to present a greater image.
  2. Face Unlock- These days, SmartPhone has enabled us to unlock our devices in a few seconds, but with this high-tech smartwatch, it promises a 0.1-second face to unlock the device which is nearly unbelievable.
  3. Camera: You must be thinking,  Watch with a camera? Kospet has set to achieve greater power overall and has added a camera with the watch. It comes with a dual-camera- 2MP Front Camera that allows us to perform facial unlocking. On the front side, we have another 8MP with rather better quality.
  4.  Sports Mode- Kospet 4g smartwatch is customized in a way that allows you to switch into sports mode, equipped with 9 sports modes to choose from.
  5. Long-Lasting Battery: You can adapt this smartwatch to your lifestyle as an everyday wearable device. It has a 900 mAh lithium polymer battery that works throughout the day. Bonus, It comes with a portable charging base of 900mAh which you can use to charge by simply plugging it in.
  6. Tracking-  This Smartwatch comes fully loaded in terms of tracking your run location to daily walk steps calculation – It is equipped with GPS+A-GPS+GLonass three precise positioning systems.


Kospet 4g smartwatch

Kospet power 4G smartwatch full specs

  • This watch can do pretty much everything that an android powered phone can do, Kopset power 4g offers some amazing specs that will make you buy it now!
  • Kospet has 3GB RAM and 32 GB that makes it as good as any android phone.
  • As mentioned above, Kospet power 4g comes with 1.6 inches and 400x 400 pixels HD resolution.
  •  waterproof level IP67.
  • The watch material is ceramic bezel and plastics and the strap material is silicone.
  • To control the watch- Wiiwatch 2 application to be used.
  • The watch has 900 mah battery in the device.
  • Power bank of 900 mAh.
  • Built-in 9 Sports modes.
  • Device Processor: MT6739.
  • The watch is functional in any language, It has global system languages.


Kospet 4g

Kospet power 4g smartwatch pros and cons

  1. The battery life is simply amazing and long-lasting.
  2. The camera added to this smartwatch makes it very unique and fashionable.
  3. It has a portable charging that can be used anywhere.
  4. The heart monitor will track heart rate every second. 
  5.  It has a great waterproof level.
  6. You can download apps from the play store and can use it on phone like Spotify, Snapchat, and everything else.
  7. Manging calls just became easier with the 4g network that the device can access.
  1. Since the dial is a little bigger than a normal watch, it may not be comfortable for people who like small and compact watches.
  2.  Not all Android apps will be functional since the size of the screen is smaller and circular.
  3. At times, to a few users, the battery time may seem average.
Height, width, and first look of the device



Kospet Power Smartwatch Price & Where to buy?

If you want to buy this then you can buy it from the Gearbest link below. Currently, the Kospet Power coupon is not available. Stay tuned for the coupons and deals.

Final Words-

To sum up, everything mentioned above, I think the Kospet power 4g smartwatch is far more advanced than other high tech watches currently available.  The device can monitor your heart rate, GPS tracking, and can also track pace for fitness freaks.  The most unique feature of the watch is the dual camera it offers – It is equipped with 2mp and 8mpcamera respectively. You can download pretty much everything on this smartwatch that you can do on your Andriod powered phone so that’s a plus but sometimes it may feel chunky and a little heavy.  The interface of the device is super easy.

You can add this device to your lifestyle- it monitors your sleep, sports, and allows you to explore play store on the watch itself. Clicking pictures never sounded this exciting before.  This smartwatch perfectly fine for people who like to track their daily activities. Once you start using this device,  you will get used to keeping in touch with your healthy self and will motivate you to exercise.

Kospet power 4g is super functional in all the angles. It has a super amazing ceramic strap, attractive design, and has access to 4g networks.  Smartwatch can be paired up with Bluetooth on your phone or speaker.

Saved the best for the last,

This device offers a top-notch navigation tool for your travels.