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When it comes to portable scooters joyor F1 is undoubtedly a remarkable scooter. It Comes with an impressive 250-watt charging, high torque motor. The joyor f1 is ready to go whether you want to meet your friends or just u want to ride casually. Teenagers will find this scooter bit crazier because it can go up to 18.6mph.


The Joyor F1 electric foldable scooter has front suspension and front and rear lights powered by the LCD display. This electric scooter reaches 25km/h. The e-Scooter is extra light, economic and fast.


Joyor f1 has a very lightweight design. The Joyor F1 is incredibly financial, quick, and eco-accommodating. It is extraordinary for the lighter rider and ideal for more limited distances. The F1 is made of aluminum rather than plastic and has extraordinary compactness. This adds to the proficient usefulness and execution of the vehicle. The F1 has a solitary front suspension, agreeable speed increase, and brake handle for a smoother and more secure ride.

It has a 8″ air front tire and strong back tire for additional security. It ought to be noticed that all Joyor brand scooters have inward boundaries that are exceptionally simple to change. To have the option to manage the greatest speed as per current guidelines, just as actuate the voyage speed, launch, suspension mode time, change front lamp splendor, pick between kilometers or miles. The Joyor F1 bike is quick, solid, light, and practical, ideal for all ages because of its height-adjustable handlebar.


The Joyor F1 is controlled by a 350W brushless engine and has a distance of 12 miles on one full charge. The F1 arrives at 15.5 mph and is light, productive, and pragmatic. It has a back drum brake just as front and backlights controlled by the LCD display. The Joyor F1 electric scooter has a 350W engine (630W most extreme pinnacle) and a 36V 7.8Ah lithium battery that gives a scope of 20-25km.

This electric scooter arrives at a most extreme speed of 30km/h (restricted to 25km/h with testament). On its effectively stature customizable handlebar you will track down the full-shading LCD screen with: speed marker, power sign, blunder code sign, front lamp sign, journey control mode sign, speed level sign (accessible 3 levels), complete mileage, single mileage, constant voltage, working current, working time, start mode. In it is the speed increase trigger.

Let’s buckle up

The Joyor F1 folding electric scooter is an overly light and strong scooter with a great cost. It incorporates front suspension and front and back lights fueled by the LCD screen. The Joyor F1 electric scooter is quick, sturdy, light, and inexpensive. This electric scooter offers the best incentive for cash available. you can get it from Banggood at $579.99 in Flash Sale.

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